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  1. Hey everyone,

    If you haven't met me yet, my name is Chris Alexander, I'm a magician/mentalist in the greater Miami, (FL) area.

    The stage is not normally my venue, but this Friday is a little different.
    My High School requires us to do a community service project, so for mine I decided to incorporate my passions and obsessions and organize fund-raiser, a Magic Show - the two performers are myself, and another fellow magician and good friend of mine Nikolas Pineda.

    I wanted to formally invite everyone here on Theory11 to come this Friday evening to "The Prestige".

    (The event's title is simply referencing the popular movie, Nik and I are not competing, but collaborating)
    Here are the details:

    "The Prestige"
    "A night of deception, astonishment, and magic"​

    Performers: Christopher Alexander & Nikolas Pineda
    Where: Westminster Christian School - 6855 S.W. 152 Street · Miami, Florida 33157 - in the High School Auditorium
    When: Friday April 25th, 2008 @ 7:30 PM

    Admission: $5 - all admission money will be donated to the Humane Society of Greater Miami Adopt-A-Pet

    Estimated Show Time: 90 Minutes

    What Kind of Material is Being Performed?
    A large variety of material will be performed ranging from conjuring, mentalism, demonstrations of advanced memory techniques, self-mutilating stunts and geek magic, audience reading, and hypnotism
    If anyone has any questions I'll check back here frequently, also feel free to email me at TheHungerArtist@MAGICisDEAD.com

    I appreciate you all just taking the time to read this, and those of you who are in the area and are free this Friday evening, I hope to see you there!

  2. cant make it friday =\

    wish i could, im in miami as well
  3. That's pretty badass.

    So, you're a big Kafka fan too?
  4. I would come but unfortunately I do not live in miami or close to it.Good luck though. I hope it works out for you and your buddy.
  5. that's great, congrats on the "gig"
  6. I highly recommend video taping your performance (even if it's just a camera on a tri-pod). Reviewing your performance on video tape gives you invaluable information on which parts of your act need work etc. Good luck!
  7. A Very Belated Thank You To All!

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to give you the worlds most belated and sincere thank you for all your support, prayers, and wishes! Since my last post, I haven't gotten a chance to get back to the forums until now, (day after the prestige I had to go out of town, then AP testing, and graduation tomorrow) anyways, thank you all so much! The event went amazing, there were some upsetting mistakes, but well recovered and only twice did the audience know that a mistake had been made. We're reviewing the footage now, and hopefully if it came through and can be used for more than just personal critiquing, we'll be posting clips on mine and gh0sts (my film/tech guy, who without him I'd still be in the stone age) and probably here on t11 (I only say "probably" b/c I have never posted a video on here before, and I want my first clip that I post to be a good one) anyways, here is a list of the effects performed in case any one is interested in how these close up effects have been adapted for stage, please email me or PM me, I'd be happy to give you the details and let you view the footage. We used an onstage camera man with a live-feed to projector next to us, this allowed us to use some closeup material for the stage, unfortunately his camera wouldn't simultaneously record, we used a tripod in the back as well, in order to capture the footage)

    [Each effect will have either a [C] or [N] preceding it, this indicates who performed this effect [C] - myself (Chris Alexander) , and [N] Nikolas Pineda, after each effect is the initials/name of the magician who created/taught the effect]

    [N] Distortion (W:H)
    [C] Stopping Time (n/a - Wizard PK effect)
    [C] Blindfolded Card Stab (Cris Angel)
    [C] Untitled Effect (Adaptation/Mixture of d+M's "Irreversible" and "Cut" created by myself, also it utilizes some material from Derren Brown and Banacheck)
    [N] Indecent (W:H)
    [N] Warning (Daniel Garcia)
    [C] Smoke (Derren Brown)
    [N] In-and-Out Tic Tac (Tomas Medina)
    [C] Arm-break (Both Nik and I created this, based off of Joe Russell's "Disjointed")
    [N] Saw (Sean Fields)
    [C] ei8ht2wo (Daniel Madison)
    [C] Lying Game (Derren Bown)
    [C] Plerophoria (Derren Brown)
    [N] Cyril Takayama's "Kiss Trick" (Cyril Takayama)
    [C] Reminiscence (Derren Brown)
    [N] Airtight [Jay Sankey]

    Thank you again so much!
  8. You and Ghost let me know when you get some footage up I am wanting to see it!

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