Presto - A Pixar Short

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    This was a great short video right before the movie Wall-e
    Its a Howard Thurston styled man with an accompany of a cute little white rabbit. With the help of a magical top hat and a micky mouse styled wizard hat the little white rabbit attempts to acquire his dinner as the magician tries to dazzle the audience.

    I give the movie a 9/10
    I was laughing the whole time!

    P.S. here is a sneak preview
  2. Looks pretty good. I'm definitely gonna have to see this.
  3. So thats how they get the rabbit out of the hat
  4. Oh my goodness!

    Chris took me to see Wall-E last night and this was a pleasant surprise. This is a very entertaining little short.

    If you go to the movies this weekend, Wall-E is a total must see, Presto makes it that more enjoyable.

    Magic related. Awesomeness.

  5. Presto was freakin hilarious!

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