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  1. This isn't a product question so much as it is a product recommendation.

    With all of the hype that was built up around Theory11, it made me think that the material on the site would be relatively easy to aquire, but I am looking at the products and am noticing rather high prices for one-trick DVD's. Panic for instance, it's a great trick, I'm sure, but it comes to about $30 including shipping for one trick.

    It's harder to aquire a good amount of good material, because the material here is priced as it is, and makes it harder to buy more. :(

    I figured I should voice this concern.

  2. I know how you feel.
    But E was like that at the beginning to.
    Then prices went down after a month.

    *or from what i remember at least*

    Also let us not forget. this place was released just last night.

  3. Very true, but E was not hyped nearly as much. I mean no disrespect, but with the mention of this being "revolutionary", I was just hoping for better prices. I hope they will go down soon, that is when I will purchase the material. :)

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    I think thats a very valid point Vinnie and I respect you for coming out and saying it.

  5. Vince,

    Great to hear from you man. Do understand everything that goes into the production of one of our products. Keep into account EVERYTHING that's involved, not just the video itself. We've made sure the best-of-the-best are all bundled into to each product we release. "Hand crafted coins by Jamie Schoolcraft" on the Digital Dissolve page should be evidence of that. Do note that we've tried to price all of our items as tight as humanly possible.

    We value your input and appreciate it tremendously. Just know that your concerns are being read by our entire staff, and are highly valuable to us. As canned as that sounds, it's the absolute truth.

    Let me know what you guys think!
  6. i've also noticed that the price is quite high for one trick dvds, but as been said before the price will drop, and maybe they'll release a package of tricks or (if that's not the case already) give a discount when you're buying more than one dvd at once, i'd really like to see that. the only things against these ideas are the following: first up, they make high quality products, and in no other business are the products that much underpriced, if you consider that alot of the effects were developed and brought to perfection over years. second, as what for i've come across in the forum, the prices don't really stop people from buying the tricks, so why lower them?
  7. The price for Digital Dissolve is crazily low, if only there was a british coin version :(.
  8. Also, if the prices are too low, some curious people may just want to buy the DVD and learn the secret, but not performing it. I am saying those who aren't real magicians.
    But then, laymen won't know T11 and won't find out where to get the secret if WE, the magicians, never let them know any info about the tricks. I mean not to tell them the actual name of the trick/DVD and not to perform the tricks on the likes of Youtube (or at least make them un-searchable for laymen). It's up to us to spread or keep the secrets.

    I am not saying higher price is better. If we can keep away some non-magicians to buy the DVD and at the same time, keep the creators and producers happy, why not lower the price?

    Just my opinion, Cheers
  9. I dont want them to drop the price if the quality of the item drops wih it. Other then that im fine with it as long as that does not happen.
  10. I'm content with the prices as shipping to Canada is not overly expensive, the only thing I would like though is the addition of paypal (Why don't any websitea accept it, like ellusionist?) Because, I'm currently too young to own one ;)

    Other than that, I don't mind anything, it seems good as it is but I understand your point Winnie and how for someone for who shipping costs more it could be a concern.
  11. Hmm...

    I think the prices are pretty fair. They're right there with E, and other sites. And like mentioned, if it's too low, then too many people will buy it.

    Just like the effect "The Red Carpet" by Jason Palter. It's $200, but you can bet that the average hobbyist won't be performing it, and that leaves the professionals with a quality piece of magic that not evreyones doing.

    And yea...with Digital Dissolve you're getting some coins made my Jamie Schoolcraft. Even if this was priced as $50, that'd still be a good deal. Seriously.

  12. well I think both Ellusionist and T11 have some pretty high prices.
  13. my question still stand though, why isn't paypal used? I think it would simplify things for many people, not to veer the topic away, but just wondeering and I doubt making a new topic for it is worth it...
  14. There are tons of issues when it comes to accepting PayPal as a form of payment. In fact, there are whole sites dedicated to Paypal problems.

    However, I personally like PayPal and have never really had any major problems with it. We'll check into this soon and see if this is something we can offer in the future.
  15. alright, thanks for the response, greatly appreciated, like you said I can understand why there would be issues, but like yourself, I haven't found any issues and alot of sites run fine with it including eBay
  16. A lot of factors come into play when considering the pricing for the products on this site, but it basically boils down to this.

    We are here to compete on quality. A lot of blood, sweat, tears, and Red Bull goes into the making of these products and I am personally very proud of the work that we've done. Giving them away would both not be fair to us and (as many of you have already pointed out) would entice people who don't really care about magic to buy them and then expose them elsewhere.

    That said, I do believe that our prices are reasonable. For example, we charge $34.95 for the Digital Dissolve DVD and a set of hand-made coins by Jamie Schoolcraft. We try to pack as much value as we possibly can into these products. To me, that seems fair, but I understand that fair is a subjective concept.

    If you don't share my opinion, we're not going to force you to buy stuff. (We looked into that, but I guess it's illegal or something.) Either way, don't discount the rest of the site. We've got an awesome media section and some great people on our forums already who I believe have something very valuable to offer that won't cost you a dime.

  17. That post alone has made me want to buy DD.
  18. It's hard to really judge the pricing until we can examine the tricks and view the DVDs. What I'm hoping is that the DVDs are thorough in the teaching, offering different variations, etc., and that they're not just 5 - 10 minute demo sessions with a bunch of exaggerated street-magic-style reaction footage tacked onto the end.
  19. Vinnie isn't an administrator yet? wth? haha :) i think the prices are kind of high, but still they have to make some profit for all this stuff they have put together.
  20. It is a british version. It uses a english penny and an american half dollar so its not unique to the Us or UK.

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