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  1. I have a couple of idea for gaff cards that i haven't seen out yet. I was wondering what the cheapest palce to start printing would be, not that im jumping in a start printing. Im trying to make it myself by splitting cards, but i can't exactly get it too work.

    So any ideas?
  2. I've had a few made through a guy named Christian. His email address is: and his website is:

    He is the maker of the Phoenix deck. His work is very good, but he can be kind of slow so you'll have to be patient. Ideally you can do some sort of graphic of how you want your gaff card. If you can't do it in Photoshop then a very good description would be necessary so that he creates exactly what you want.

    I created an effect that required a very unique gaff that I just couldn't find and I ordered 3 sets from him. Like I said it's excellent work but it took a little while.
  3. Awesome Im going send him an email, thanks for the help.
  4. Check out They have the materials that you can use to print and cut your own cards HERE. The initial investment is expensive. It will cost between $220 and $260 for the equipment, but after that it would cost between 12 to 23 cents per card (not including costs to print if you don't use your own printer). So if you bought the equipment and the materials to make 360 cards, it would cost around $300 or around 83 cents a card. also has their own card designer HERE.

    For card splitting check out The Art of Cardsplitting (a DVD) and The Gaff Factory (a pdf at
  5. First of all, which one are you trying to do. Split them or print them?

    Added.... Or both?
  6. i was spliting them, but realized i couldn't make what i wanted that way.
    So im trying to print them. I know how to split them
  7. I like the templates for the gaffs, but there's not one i can use haha.
    It only lets you use two cards, i need to combine four
  8. If you are trying to combine you mean like Harry Anderson's Gang of 4 gaff cards? Because it is way cheaper just to buy those. I bought a few sets.
  9. I honestly haven't seen his set, I was trying to make something that i thought of and couldn't find already made.
    What does his set look like

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