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    So, today was the big day. I had my show and evrything was great. I showed up at six O'clock and met with te woman who hired me and her husband. They were very warm and inviting towards me, which made me feel more comfortable while i was there.They showed me around the place (Waquasett Inn) and they showed me where I would perform the show, and where I would do my walk around stuff for the adults. So I started to warm up by showing some card, coin, and rope tricks to my employers and a couple of teenagers. Then it came time for the show:

    "Okay everyone, food for the adults is ready. And Dylan, has some magic tricks for the kids." The womans husband said.

    In the end I didn't even wind up doing the kids show because the kids, the majority of them, wanted to swim in the pool. So about 7 kids came up to me, and I did a bunch of tricks for them until I felt they were losing interest and I did my closing effect (magic milk pitcher) and then they sprinted off to go watch Madagascar.

    So, I grabbed some cards and my spongeballs (those are great for adults too.) and I warched over to the bar and table area. So, I found a few people and away it went. I started doing tricks, and people were amazed and clapping and cheering. It was great. Some of the compliments included:

    "You're fifteen? You are so mature."
    "You're great man!"
    " If you were 21 I'd be buying you drinks right now."
    "You're very confident in yourself. That's a good trait."
    "You're Houdini!"

    Ths is how true I am to following the magicians code. After I performed my own variation of the Any Card At Any Number effect, one man said: "Hey, if you tell me how to do that, I'll write you a check for five hundred dollars." He was serious!!! He pulled out his check book and started to write it out, but I declined. Yeah That's how true I am to magic.

    People started asking for my buisness cards, and I was happy to hand them out to anybody interested, which was at least 75% of the party. No exagerations. In the end some people wanted me to come to charity events. Others needed their kids parties done. a couple people, who showed a great deal of interest in me, happened to be VP's of Corpratons based in the Boston area. They told me how they would hire me for some upcoming events for 750$. I told them that I'd be glad to perform. One lady even asked if I would mind giving her son magic lessons once a week.

    Then it was time for me to leave at 10:30. I stayed an extra hour and a half at no extra charge, because I was just having a good time. So They wrote my check and it was for 300$. That was all I wanted. And then i proceeded to make my exit. But a man ran up to me and stopped me. He said: "Excuse me. I am the General Manager of The Inn. I was wondering if i could get your card, for when we do functions here?" So I gave him one.

    I am supposed to be getting calls soon. And my fame is spreading, and unlike many people's parents, mine support me and think it's wonderful that I am performing for so much money at my age, and they think it's great that now I have so many conections.

    Dylan P.
  2. I can honestly say....

    I would've taken the money :p

    But congrats man, sounds like it went really well for you, that's great!
  3. WOW! WONDERFUL WORK Dylan! :D I am very proud of you for not taking the money! :D

    You deserve a hug. *HUG* (no homo)

    Keep up the great work!

  4. I bet about 60% magicians on this board would've taken the money. Me on the other hand, I'd ask for 600.;)
  5. To be honest, ignorance stroke me first at hand, just a split second later i thought about the magician's code. Im ashamed of myself.

    Very good work Dylan, you keep doing your thing, the road is promising.
  6. Wait, maybe he was testing you... to see just how true of a magician you are (laymen know of the 'magicians code'). Just a thought, doesn't really matter anyway though.

    Anyway... good job again and good luck with future shows :D.
  7. Big congratulations on all your success, and I wish you luck for your future.

    And about the money, its like a reverse of the "give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day, teach him to fish and you feed him for his life"; teach him the secret and you may get $500, but if you don't you may get hired to perform it again and earn more over time. Smart move. Not to mention, it shows much respect for our art, and earns you respect from other magicians.
  8. He actually said something like that. I declined the cash, and he said: "Well, I guess I'll need your card again somy company can hire you and I'll be able to see that trick again.
  9. That's awesome, nice work! Make sure you follow up with the hotel! Don't wait forever for that call.
  10. That was great!!! always enjoy what you do and have fun!!!

    and about the money, well I would have taken the money, these days is very hard to pay some things, not only magic, but things that matter like food, school,gasoline and other stuff... besides is just one trick.
  11. Congrats Dylan. Sounds like you had a great time and so did the people you were performing for. Awesome.

    Good job not taking the money either. Something you should be happy about because I do think that most people would had taken that money in a heartbeat.

  12. Whats the difference between someone paying you to teach them a trick and magic lessons? :confused:
  13. Wow, I enjoyed reading of what an amazing experience you have there, man! Keep it up and you are on the way to your journey!
  14. There its a difference between showing how the trick its done and actually teaching it =).
  15. Glad to hear that things went good Dylan =).
  16. Wow Dylan...sounds like you had a great time and will get a lot more gigs from this event. Congratulations.

    You will continue to build even more self confidence each and every time you do these big gigs around adults.

    Great work!
  17. Thanks for the feedback everybody. It really was a great time. Oh, and get this. I woke up this morning to a call froma woman. She is booking me next Saturday to do 15 minutes of Sponge balls, Ropes, etc. for the kids at her daughters B-day. Then about an hour of strolling magic with cards and such for about 40 adults. 150$.
  18. Congratulations! Sounds like a good time... especially the money part. :D
  19. Personally, i would give him a complete BS method of how the effect was accomplished :) TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN!


  20. I wouldn't have taken the check.
    After he got the secret from you he'd probably cancel the check.

    Great job Dylan. I didn't know you were that young and performing gigs. Awesome!

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