Problem with springing the cards

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by ArcticChibi, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. Hey T11, I have a problem with springing the cards. I use regular bikes, but I'm sure it wouldn't matter if I used Tally-Ho's or Bicycles. Are the cards supposed to fly directly out of your hand? When I try to spring, the cards slide off my fingers or thumb and either go forward or backwards. I followed the spring tutorial in Genesis too. I just can't get it! Any tips?
  2. One tip I can give you. PRATICE!!!!!! Hopefully someone can give you more tips.
  3. I can't spring for ****, but it's getting better, atleast. I learned it from two places - Genesis, and a video that the virts have on youtube as a tutorial for the spring. They also have it on vimeo i believe, so check it out there. quality's better.
  4. Haha ok. The thing is that I can barely do 1/4 of what Andrei does. :[
  5. Just practice. I can spring prob 60cm, just practice.

  6. To answer your direction about direction, yes the card will either spring off your thumb or your fingers. Pick a direction and compensate for that. I started small. Doing it in with no more than 3 inches between my hands. Then once you get comfortable you start to spread them apart. I can do about a foot and a half comfortably.
  7. Same for me, if you just practice your hands will strengthen and it will be eiser to grip the cards, then they will be easier to direct.

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