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Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by UnknownMagician93, Aug 11, 2009.

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  1. Alright this is a rant, so be warned.

    I have a problem with the cardistry community nowadays. I feel like there is a heavy "eliteist" mindset with everyone today. By this I mean, there are certain guys that have established tehmselves as the "best in the business" and no one will challenge them or call them on mistakes.

    Lets say some guy makes a cardistry video. He has been flourishing for a year and its his first video. Everything is nice and smooth, nothing bad. But, there is very little original material in the video. People will call him out saying "You need to create your own stuff, 3/5 for lack of originality". When in reality, the flourishing was worthy of 5 stars.

    On the flipside, Jordan Lapping could make a video of him doing Pandora, Eko, Molecule 4 and Under Pressure for 5 mins and people would give him 6 stars and tell him he is the greatest flourisher they have ever seen. I mean dont get me wrong, J has amazing skills, but it gets pretty boring after about 1 minute.

    Or, say a guy like Jordan made a video with some obvious mistakes that was say... a 3 star video. People would still give him 5 stars and give the other guy 3, just because Jordan has been around and is considered a top dog. I mean sure Cardistry isnt all based on video ratings, but you get my point. Some of the better flourishers get tuned out just because the are "New Guys".

    So my point is, I don't like how someone is considered better than another person because he is more well known than someone else. I mean just look at Jonathan (from "wecallitshockeffect"). No one (or VERY few people) have ever heard of him but yet he is one of the best flourishers of 2009, or atleast CCC 2009.

    I think we need to drop this attitude ASAP so the flourishing community can continue to make progress.

    That was my rant and my opinion. Now let us hear yours.

  2. well, not only in cardistry community but in everywhere. ppl tend to look at the famous person. just like someone like us who take a LV bag n ppl will say that "ooo...u take a pirated bag" while the other person who used to take all those pretty and original stuff, he or she takes a "pirated' LV bag and yet ppl will still say " ooo, the way u the this LV is really nice"

    well, this is what happened in my country all the time, i hope u guys can get my concept.
    that is why the NAME of the people had become an impression to be judged. just like what u said. when somebody had been doing well in some section and he or she created name, ppl will just doing fine with him but with the new guys, "You need to create your own stuff, 3/5 for lack of originality". When in reality, the flourishing was worthy of 5 stars.

  3. A lot of the posts got deleted, so it's a little confusing.
  4. I know exactly what your talking about. When a person becomes popular from a few really good videos, it doesn't matter how bad of a video their next one will be, everyone just thinks that they are the best and everything should be rated 5 stars.

    I was going to say the same thing. If I were to post a cardistry video, I would just get people telling me I am awful. That's why I don't post videos like that.
  5. I would have to agree with you entirely. I think we could all go for a more open, accepting, and thus more helpful mindset. In my opinion, this doesn't mean ignore the "top dogs", it just means that we shouldn't lock up as soon as someone new on the scene shows up.

    We need this. Not as in we need the quick reminding rant... we need to do something about it. Elitism isn't pretty for those not a part of it.
  6. Do you guys think I should post this on UC? I have a feeling everyone will just bash me cause Eliteism is HEAVY over there.
  7. I say spread it around. It will probably just be hated at... but at least it's an attempt. That's all anyone can do. ;)
  8. Do it, just to prove a point.
  9. I like the way you think Davey;)
  10. This thread reaks of the insecurity of propped up children...
    I'm so glad we have you to tell us which videos are worthy of "5 Stars". You said yourself these unoriginal videos are boring, so which is it? And why should anyone care if their video was rated "5 Stars" or not? It doesn't actually mean anything.
    This is the reason why the "elites" "hate" on the noobs. You are throwing up pure verbal diarrhea. Jordan hasn't made an official video in years and his last solo vid was of him practicing, in January, of 2008. But, for the sake of argument, I'll pretend the community hasn't upped its standards in the last year and a half. Show me one video, just one, of someone performing flourishes at or above the level Jordan does and being trashed solely for being a noob.
    Why do you persist on reaching up your ass and typing whatever comes out? Show me when this has ever happened...
    No, you don't have any point, you are upset that community has either not told you what you wanted to hear about your flourishing, or criticized the type of threads you make (the boring **** they've seen thousands of times before, noob delusion syndrome etc.). Grow up. Sometimes it's good to conform with people that actually know what they're talking about.
  11. You've got a point there, many people do refuse to take criticism, however I see a lot of negative responses backed up with no critiques at all. I do my best to take the negative criticism when I post magic videos, however I always call people out when they hate on me for no reason.
  12. you are a dumbass. you dont get the point, he is saying that the cardistry community is turning into the same thing as the STUPID teens and the media (only the ones with short attention spans. im a teen too). what i mean is that people will mostly only like something if the person who makes it is popular. just look at Kanye West and all those other "rappers". they use that stupid robot voice thing cuz they suck at singing and rapping. that is the only way its entertaining for stupid people, but people still like them. Why? because they are popular. its the same with cardistry. its all about popularity. So read between the lines "Smarty"
  13. And this is my problem with the cardistry community. It's populated almost entirely by people who seem to be genetically engineered specifically to piss me off.

    Are the established regulars in the community a bunch of insular **********s? Absolutely. Are the newbies much better? Hell no. Everyone in the scene is a wanker who thinks the rest of the world gives a **** about their ability to fling pasteboard around. And that's why nobody takes card manipulation seriously. They're not talking to entertainers, but children with entitlement complexes.

    God, why do I even bother?

  14. quit whining and become popular then. if you cant create and put a nice video together, its not our fault that you are considered a noob. you fail to realise that the fault doesnt lie with the people calling the bunch of you people noobs, but in you people, who put mediocre videos out and assume we will all fall in love with you and worship you.
  15. I think what's happening to this thread is the exact thing he's saying is wrong with the cardistry community. That's all I'm going to say. I'm not getting involved. Just try to see it from other peoples' perspectives guys. I can really see both sides in this argument.
  16. Yes it is bad when people don't tell you why you suck, but how many times does that really happen? I have never seen a "That sucked because you are a noob" response to any video.
    I can see my dignity slowly leaking out of my black hole of a heart as I respond to a post like this, but if said person sucks so bad, it begs the question how did he get so popular in the first place (most of the people in the cardistry community aren't stupid, so this metaphor is a pretty ****ty one)? And I still want to see proof that this type of activity goes on around here, and until you can show me that I think we all know who the real dumbass is, "Smarty" ;)
  17. You know steerpike, this is a really funny topic because you seem to consider yourself the best of the best but yet you hav NO videos to back up your overly large and annoying mouth? Sure my FIRST video after 1 MONTH might not be all to special but considering you've been around T11 for over a year, dont ya think its time to "put up or shut up"?

    And to that other guy who was bashing me. How bout presenting a legitimate opinion buddy? I mean calling someone an ass online multiple times doesnt make you cool. Unless of course you have no life, then you might think it does. I said in my first post that I know video ratings arent anything that matter its just annoying to see people think someone is better than another just because they are well known. Does not being able to read make you cool to?

    Thanks Penguinincdude, that is exactly what I am talking about. Everyone here just proved my point.

    @ steerpike again:

    Check this out. It should let you know a few things. Espically things about how a high post cout doesnt mean anything, even though you supposedly think it does.

    "Why do I even bother?" :rolleyes:
  18. Well it seems like you're the only illiterate one here, as I have never called you an ass and you only rebutted one (pretty irrelevant) sentence out of my whole post. Now if you'd like to actually prove that "people think someone is better than another just because they are well known" we can talk like adults, until then would you like me to warm up your bottle before the bedtime story or after?

    And if this is all just an annoyance why do you rant and profess that the cardistry community will become stagnant over night if we do not change?
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