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  1. Okay... so I am not really sure if this is even allowed....

    I saw a Magic Castle show by Ryan Hayashi and I always really enjoy his stuff.

    Aside from all his amazing effects and tricks, one of the effects he performed over and over was producing audience "thought of cards". I have looked through all my books and videos I have and cannot find anything on how to do this. I can only think of stooges or something pre-arranged.

    I am not asking how he did it, but I think it is a really powerful effect and would love to learn it. The actual productions I kinda understand(Once I have controlled a card, to control it more and produce it etc). Can anyone direct me to references on how to achieve this?

    I would like to incorporate it in as an introduction/ opener...

    Thanks a lot...
  2. It sounds like you will want to research the term "card index" :)
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  3. That.

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