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  1. I recently bought the Psychokinetic Touch called "D'Angelo's Touch" and I can say:
    I love it.

    It's a very good PK Touch routine. The style is differently different from Banachek's PK touches. Both are great, and I will definitely use them both in my routine.

    The big difference is that D'Angelo's touch is real-time. The spectators raise their arm the moment they feel the touch, and on the side they felt the touch.
    While yes, you have to stand rather close to the spectator, but this doesn't make the effect less real. It is completely invisible, and it will look exactly like you are just pointing at them, and they raise their arm exactly as you are pointing of them. It is VERY convincing It requires no gimmicks of any kind and is completely impromtu.

    It's not really that difficult. You may need to practice a bit to make it look more fluid, but I performed it pretty well the same day I read the booklet and watched the instruction videos. Not perfectly, but pretty well, I would say. I took a video of it and watched it afterwards, and while it could be better, it was indetectable. I'd say that the thing you have to practice the most is psychologically preparing the spectator (the one you are touching) for it, so they won't be able to tell any difference between the visible touches and the invisible touches.

    The effect is angle proof. Some nitpickers might find something if they get it on camera from behind, but from the front, it's completely invisible, even if the audience films it and watches it later.

    This is very good as an impromptu effect. Banachek's PK Touch is a bit slower and and more time consuming (depending on how you do it), so while it's GREAT for stage or other situations where everyone is sitting, it's not something you could show to a stranger on the street (unless you warmed up to them beforehand, and they want to see more).
    D'Angelo's touch, however, can be performed both on stage and on the street. And in my opinion, D'Angelo's touch is easier than Banachek's PK touch, as no one has figured out D'angelos touch, sometimes people figure out Banachek's PK touch, but that is only because I have to work on my audience management.

    Anyways. It's a GREAT effect, which I will definitely use.
  2. I definitely like D'Angelo's work on the plot. He's one of the few people who brought something genuinely different to the subject of PK Touches.

    There's a guy named MadisonH on the Magic Cafe that has a slightly different approach to D'Angelo's method, and if you're able to message him he may/will probably be willing to send you the video of him performing it. His approach is much slower than D'Angelo's, who I do feel is a little ... frantic in his execution. But Madison's presentation proves you can do the work at half the speed of D'Angelo's and it is still bullet proof.
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  3. @ChristopherT
    Is there any way to contact him through Email or something other than Magic Café?
    The registration is closed (I have no idea for how long), and I am not to keen on getting (and paying for) an entirely new email address to access the forum.
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  5. Quick edit:
    Yes, it's angle proof WHEN they wear the right clothes. If they wear the right clothes, you can literally do the touch right in front of them. If they don't wear the right clothes, it becomes quite visible from behind. From the front, though, it will truly look as if your hands were NOWHERE near them.

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