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  1. So I hate to use other people's routines I peffer to take moves and make my own and honestly I haven't seen a good production or better yet new production that I want to incorporate. Any ideas
    I really like dynamos pocket production without having a pocket
  2. What kind of production? Like a 4 ace production? Bottle Production? Flash Paper Production? Coins? More info on what you are trying to do mate!
  3. Productions on a selected card
  4. Oh gotcha! You mean a "reveal?" I reveal means a clever way to show how you found the selection. So for example having the card folded inside of your shoe may be a reveal.

    One that I love is "InstaGrab" by Patrick Kun. Essentially you pull their selected card out of your instagram. pretty cool and doesn't use any apps or anything. Here is a review if you are curious about it!


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