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    Hey all,
    I am working on a small PDF project and I was wondering if I could get ONE of you guys to help me. I have just written up one document for one of my tricks and I wanted to see how my teaching was.

    What i want is for somebody to read the document (via email attachment) and send me like a private video (vimeo etc) performing the trick. The trick doesn't have to be perfect but I just want to see how good my teaching is.

    If anybody is interested, PM me with your email.

    And please keep the trick as private as possible as I don't want anybody to see it just yet.

    Yes you are getting this free and it is still in "word" since I haven't converted them yet.
  2. alright man i sent you the mail.

    If one more person is interested ill give it out.
  3. sure I'll take a peek

    talk to you soon

  4. I'll provide a consolation prize from my booklet if you really want something...


  5. OK I am getting a lot of PM's so here is who will get it. SORRY to all that didnt but if you guys can understand I don't want to give it to too many people.



    flyingazzele sorry if f'd up the spelling.

    Truly to sorry to all that didn't as i didn't expect to get so many people.

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