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  1. New Promo Video/ Reel for my landing page.

    Curious what you guys think? How did it make you feel? What would you have done differently?

    Thank you!

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  2. It was pretty neat. I liked the way the audence’s reactions were showed, it makes you think “this guy’s the real deal”.

    If there was anything I would have done differently, I probably wouldn’t have shown the linking rings that many times. Once or twice, in my opinion, so there would be time for more diversity.
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  3. On the whole I like it.

    One question - what is the goal for this specific video? It makes me think of an introduction to a YouTube channel or a website, personally. If that's your goal, I think you did pretty decently (though I'm no expert here). It shows a variety of performance environments, it shows working with the audience, doesn't give way the climax to your routines but shows you doing a variety of routines, good audience reactions, not too many testimonials.
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  4. As a matter of fact you are correct. This is going to be the first video they see right on my homepage/land ing lage of my website. The goal was to give them a taste of my style as well as set a tone for how they will feel during my act.
  5. I agree’ haha issue is that most of the footage i have is with the rings Believe it or not there was more but i actually cut it down a bit and took out other videos using the rings like the KTLA one
  6. Needs to open with an underground lofi hiphop background and you doing cardistry from an extreme angle. Smash cut to another extreme angle of you getting a reaction. (Maybe using one of those anti-theft mirrors for the shot).

    Transition into two or three shots of you starting various tricks but cut in between them and then cut to all the revelation moments and reactions. Preferably attractive women reacting and maybe one guy who just says like “That was insane”.

    Another transition back to the extreme angle cardistry and then pan up to a face reveal. fade out. “O’brien Magic” transistions in.

    Hahaaha just messing around, I like what you have so far. Like it gave me a very.... down to earth and actually entertaining feel. Not this ridiculousness that I described above that has become an industry standard for a magician showcase/demo.
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  7. I have some questions.... what is the goal for this demo? do you want to show you magic? do you want to get clients? do you want to get more followers on social media? what is the market you are looking for?
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  8. As a promo for getting clients I think it’s great. I liked the footage, although
    I really liked the voiceover. If anything I think the voiceover should come in earlier as there was a long pause in the middle which could work really well with some speaking. I realise that the audio for the performance footage in this segment probably isn’t up to scratch - it wouldn’t be misleading to record some voiceover to match the footage at this part rather than just have music. It will be easier than you think (the only person likely to be talking is you) and you can record it at home without background noise.

    They’re minor things though, so it’s great if you don’t fancy messing with audio dubbing!
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  9. Thank you for reaching out! It is the first video people will see when logging into my website. It is meant to give them a little taste of who I am. The #1 thing I keep hearing is that it needs a CTA. which is true.... I should have something like "Book NOW" at the end or something. haha

    The goal is to get people to like my style and personality as well as see what I am all about. then decide to book me. here is my home page for context:
  10. I think this video is great to show people you style and energy!! I like it that way...

    However for getting clients this video is not good... because there in not much social proof... also when you quote somebody you put "client"... that doesn´t tell anything to a potential client... an even when Jeff Mcbride says a lot for doesnt say anything to common people...

    I took a look at your website at I think it´s way to complicated... try something more simple and easy to read... i got lost among lots of links and pictures... the demo videos are very long... at most should last 1-2 min. try putting more logos of companies you have work for and for private clients put video testimonials.

    I have more to say, but I think that is the initial advice...remember than in a website.. clients that enter dont care about who you are.. they care about what you can do for them... so try to lower the information about you and more about them...

    here is my webpage in case you also want to take a look!!
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  11. Great advice! Yeah ill water down the home page a bit. I already have an about me page that has most of what the home page has so the home page can essentially lead them to my about section, booking/ contact info, or magic shop. Ill also add company logos for places i have performed. Great idea.

    This way there is not so many links to jump through in the home page.
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  12. So, apparently I hadn't looked at your page before. When I showed my wife, her response was, "What the f*** is that."

    It's ... very busy. You're trying to sell way too much on the same page, in my opinion. Between comments on the Cafe (surprisingly) and here, I think you've got a few great suggestions to work with.

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