Propaganda not so much of a two way back?

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    Not sure if anyone has noticed this but i found this out while examining the design of the deck. Apparently its in the part where there's bombs surrounding the gas mask, and there's black lines behind the bombs. kind of hard to explain but you guys can compared the pictures. the pictures are the top part of the card another the bottom. The entire deck is like that and so is the box so i suspect its the designing. Probably its an advantage to us? The secret one way back design? :p

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  2. Yeah, people have known about this for a while. It's a one-way back design.
  3. i see. Well i'm out-dated then :p
  4. An interesting and almost undetectable one way design, is the tally-ho circle back.
  5. really? didn't know that. Where? :D
  6. The two differences I know of are extremely subtle, if you look at the flower at the top centre of the card, and then look closer, note the gap between the top two petals, turn the card upside down, look at the opposite flower, the gap with either be bigger or smaller, depending on which side you examined first.

    Then when you are holding the card with the smaller petal pointing up, look at the top right of the big circle, the tiny dots that are there, there will be three dots then two beside each other followed by a group of dots, if the card were the other way around, there would be 4 dots then two, and then a group of dots.

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