PROPAGANDA: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

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    The Good The Bad and The Ugly

    Now I am going to do this review in three parts good, bad, and ugly obvious right?


    Well these cards are pretty thin so they do a good job at The: Back palm, Front palm, Tenkai palm, Gambler’s cop, and Warping.

    Also they do adopt the maroon red from Guardians, Centurions, Wynns etc...
    which I like.


    Good fans?.... Not so much.
    They do fan good for a while, then they start to become uneven, then tragedy strikes.

    Luckily a card clip does do the job and makes them fan good again for a few minuets. Cuts are iffy and this deck is the cardboard equivalent of a Slip N Slide.

    And I have not used fanning powder on them because I hate the white stuff,
    which probably explain why the fans blow.

    (Two drug jokes in one sentence, I’m on a roll.)


    These cards are atrocious from the ‘spoiled cream’ color, to the bombs on the sides, the airplanes in the corners, the grenades in the middle and the vintage gas masks that look strangely like ET.

    Also the jokers are a joke in and of themselves, plus don’t forget the Ace of Spades which looks so much cooler in pictures.


    It looks like Vietnam and WW2 had a baby and called Propaganda.

    Do I recommend these?


    Will I ever dare use these cards in performance?


    Should you buy some?


    While they are ugly, you should pick up a deck or two because everyone is different and you might like these cards. Also If you do get some pickup a deck of Split Spades (just incase you cant stand the pain.) Theory 11 said they were military grade but I'm not sure whose military they were talking about, maybe France.



    Good for manipulations, Bad for everything else.

  2. Just got mine today, been playing with them for a while now, and I don't see anything wrong with how they fan. They seem to fan about like tallies....but then again I've had them for about 2 hours.

    As for design, I rather love it, I think it's about time they made some war-like, hardcore cards. But that is almost entirely an opinion thing:

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  3. These fan PERFECTLY for me. I've been using it non-stop all day. Looks hardcore badass too.


  4. Thats why I say to buy a deck everybody's idea of a perfect fan is different.

  5. I couldn't agree more.
  6. I spy a small one-way design as well. From the pics above, you can see above the center grenade, 3 lines on one side, and four on the other.
  7. wow you have some eye.
    Honestly though, no one would ever know so it doesn't really matter.
  8. Yeah, an even better one that doesn't require eagle eyes would be the same as every U.S. playing card. The white borders are thicker on one side than the other. Top and bottom.
  9. The paint job actually makes the card heavier on one side if done incorrectly ^^
    Isn't that right palmer? =P
  10. The second you said that I looked at the back of my box and saw it lol.
  11. Just got mine today and I looked to see if there was a one way design and I noticed the same thing only its not just the lines above the grenade, its the whole black starburst itself. Its much darker on one side of the back than the other. And there's slight differences in the center propeller image also, but they're too small to utilize anyway.
    As for feel, I don't notice anything different than guardians or centurians, except the propagandas faro easier.
  12. I think the cream white is kinda cool, think about it, every singe T11 deck so for (with the eception of the smokes...which isnt a t11 deck) has been black, its good that they decided to branch out:D
  13. They did make White Centurions but anyways. I like them I will have to buy a couple of packs of these and split spades.
  14. I was just thinking about Coke.
  15. Might pick up a few, I think they look pretty slick and they seem to fan fine for me from the pics I saw
  16. Out of the box any deck fans great. Thats life.

  17. Man, I'm waiting for my decks of these to come in, but they're taking a while.
    Can't wait. :D
  18. In truth, this is not correct nor accurate for a wide variety of decks. Many decks may fan BETTER out of the box because they are slicker and not yet exposed to the elements of one's hands, but specific variations in feel and finish cause many decks to fan awfully right from the start. Ever fan a novelty deck from Walgreens and compare it to a deck of Guardians / Centurions / Props? Obviously night and day.

    That said, I've been using the same deck of Props nonstop for the past week and a half - week and a half - and they still fan like new, flawlessly. Andrei's experience was the same; CK's experience was the same. To ensure best fanning ability, though, other facts come into play - such as the oils on your hands (always best to wash hands before handling), and the climate that the cards are being handled in (high humidity may affect the deck).
  19. I should have been more clear actual decks used in magic/flourishing.

    About the fanning, I feel that the deck fans aren't good at all. I don't know why maybe my climate, maybe my hands, maybe not. I have had a deck of props in a clip for a while now still nothing. On the other hand my 2 week old deck of blue masters still fans great. And my two month old Split Spades fans better than anything I have ever laid my hands on. So I don't think it is human error.

  20. I just got my Propagandas, Split Spades, and Smoke and Mirrors today. The Propagandas are awesome! They look awesome when they're actually in front of you. I really like the look and feel of this deck. The jokers are awesome, the box is awesome. They feel very similar to Smoke and Mirrors.

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