Propaganda vs. Guardians

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by F0pe, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. Please give me your advice. This is my first buying, and I want to choose right.

    Write positives and negatives of each deck, then say which do you prefer. Thank you a lot, really. :p
  2. They both feel almost exactly the same. The only difference I can notice is the design. Just pick which look more appealing.
  3. Thanks, but now i will have headake about disign xD
    Thanks, again ;P
  4. the propaganda are on tally ho stock rather than a thickened bicycle, base ur decision on that
  5. Props and guardians feel pretty the same the only different is the design. I like both and use them in a daily. I like propaganda more because of their design. Get both if you can or not Propaganda
  6. i don't know why people think they feel the same. the props are thinner, smoother and more flexible then guardians. but that is just me i think props are the best cards T11 has put out so far.
  7. I am going to stick to Tally Hos.
    A big danger of T11 decks is that in an hour of being in a hot envirment, even in the box, they will warp like carp.
    Plus I think they are both Fugly.
  8. i would buy guardians, because the propaganda has a theme that looks cool, but after a while get kind of boring. they are essentially the same
  9. Propagandas all the way.... they are without a doubt the best deck theory 11 has put out.

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