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  1. Can this trick be done with any foreign currency?
  2. It can be done with any foreign currency that is the same size and shape.

    They can be entirely different colours if need be. Having your bills the same colour helps in a way with the actual effect but, is not neccessary. The only thing that is mandatory is they must be the same size and shape.

  3. Hi

    A few days ago I bought Extreme Burn. It says "works with any currency". In my country (Sweden), the bills are no the same size. Wont it work for me?! :mad: It clearly says "works with any currcency"!
  4. Yes that kinda sucks, but here's a suggestion. You can change paper into money. Cut out 4-5 pieces of paper same sized as your bills, and change them into real hundred dollar bills (or any denomination of your choice). I'll leave the presentation for you to come up.
  5. Ok that's true, but why does it says work with any currency! =(
  6. Thanks. Now I'm sure I'm going to get this.
  7. So it can make you buy it.
  8. looks like it worked... :)
  9. Haha, yeah.

    People really should look into effects more before they buy them.
  10. It's not legal to tell that your product works and then it dosen't. You CAN'T tell someone that's it gonna work and then it dosen't work! I'm getting mad at the magic industri these days............................................................. better with just regular cards and a good dvd.
  11. Extreme Burn does work with any currency. It never said you have to change them from one denomination to another. Magazine clippings to your currency will work. Tell me, where does it say any denominations can be used to TURN THE BILLS TO A HIGHER DENOMINATION?
  12. Then fine, I would be glad to turn my swedish 20's into 50's. That's wath it says.
  13. Daugava, it does NOT say you can change any currency into a higher denomination. It saus any currency will work, and that's true. I understand you are mad, but you can't blame the advertising. It's true.

    I asked my friend to upload a video of him performing Extreme Burn. Here, you can see that the Underground Change can look almost identical to Prophet. The second change he does is the Underground Change.

    The video quality is not the greatest, but you still can see what's going on. He has great patter that justifies all of the moves he does. He changes 1s into 2s. I would make a video myself, but I have no camera.
  14. Sadly, with Australian Currency we have little security windows on our notes. So the gimmick will not work with Aussie Notes, Hmm whats new?

  15. I know. It isn't fair at all.

    If you're a magician in Australia, money effects that use gimmicks are damn hard or even impossible to do.
  16. Can't we just use the other end of the note? I guess it depends on the gimmick. The lowest note we have is $5 and it's a bright violet colour. The $100 is bright green and just like it did back in the eighties (when I wasn't even born...:D) it contrasts like a flamingo in the jungle... hehe I made that stupid analogy just then...

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