Prophet: Not using $100s?

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Which of the following is the coolest?

  1. JabbaWockeeZ

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  2. iPhone

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  3. Megan Fox

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  4. Beef Jerky

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  1. 1st post on theory11 hey!

    My first purchase from theory11 (besides erdnase color change) was prophet, and I was not disappointed. It was everything I expected and nothing less. Gimmick construction, technique, audience selection, all that. But the thing is that the gimmick construction involves the use of $100 bills.

    As a hard working 15 year old, I can't exactly afford to use $100 bills in my magic tricks, especially if they are solely for entertainment. I'm sure you can use lower value bills, but I just don't feel the same appeal changing 1's to 5's.

    So what do you think? I was thinking about changing paper into 5's or 1's to 10's ($10 bills are probably the highest I can go). What bills do you think I should change into what bills to get the biggest reaction without bustin my wallet?
  2. Paper to money would be much more effective. I would do paper to the highest amount you can afford.
  3. I really hope this doesn't give away anything, but computer paper is see through. What paper do you think I can use without it looking awkward?
  4. Well I use white construction paper, those slightly thicker ones.

    Anyway, for the patter to turn paper into money, I refer them to Derren Brown paying with paper, then say I'll try but use a different method, then turn it into money.

    Anyway, if paper is too obvious for you, I read somewhere about using a whole bunch of newspapers turned into money
  5. kid, I had a same problem and I solved it by doing this. Ask ur dad for a 100 bill and use a scaner and scan both sides of the bill; then, use your printer to print the bill out. Ta da now you can print as much money as you want, but keep in mind this is only for entertainment purpos only. Do not use the bill or you will going to jail.

    Ps: make sure you also prints the 1 dollars bills as well so when you do the change the papper type looks identical.
  6. I always found the concept of changing strips of magazine paper into legitimate currency to be a very visual change. I've seen a few magicians carry this in their wallets and perform it to great response.

    Also, you can acquire some higher quality paper from any office supplies store which will be thick enough to conceal the gimmick. When I was younger in high school, I would often scan copies of my parents' checks and alter them via PhotoShop to the dimensions of US currency. I would then print this out on resume paper to make it look more legitimate. I could construct the gimmick using these fake checks and have a pretty nice presentation to go along with the effect. Instant check cashing.

    Some ideas.

    But with that said, I would recommend saving up to construct the $100 bills gimmick. Since building my own, I've managed to keep it in my wallet for years and it always gets the biggest reaction from it in comparison to the suggestions above. there's just something shocking about seeing that much money come out of nowhere.

  7. You dont necesarily even need to use money period. You can change magazine clippings into different magazine clippings, and get a great reaction. Or, another thing I do is I use paper, but I draw on it to make it look like ones, and change it into real money. That always gets a great reaction. Or, I change paper to paper, but write some revelation on one set of paper, like a card or prediction.
  8. Megan Fo- Money will work fine, regardless of value.

    RS's idea of the magazine strips sounds interesting, if not a tad bit...uncommon. (Who carries magazine strips?)

    Regardless, when you can change one thing into another, the sky's the limit.

  9. Meagan Fox is soooooo freaking fine.
  10. Point prove.
  11. I perform prophet with ones to 20's. It gets a great reaction, but I've seen a person in Vegas when I was there performing on the street, and he did it with 100's. When those bills changed, you should have seen the reactions. They were so sick. The people screamed, and couldn't even say anything. They were beyond shocked. Then he changed them back. GREAT reactions. But, like any other trick, it has to be age appropriate. Just like your patter. I laugh when I see 10 year olds pattering about performing in bars and such. So for example, chances are if your ten years old, you probably wouldn't be performing with 100s. So in that case, I think paper to 5's would be awesome. Hopefully this post made sense. It made sense to me.

    EDIT: By the way, I just re-read my post, and I wasn't saying that your 10. I was just using that as an example. :p
  12. Hey guys, you can purchase fake $1,000,000 (one million) bills from the grocery store in the toy section. They look like real $1,000,000 bills. They only cost like a buck a piece if that. I think turning those from $1 to $1 Million would be awesome.
  13. I had to laugh at that statement.
  14. Epic.

    I wonder how that would play for an audience... would the majority of people acknowledge the fact that a magician transformed legal tender into useless novelty paper? Ha.

    Come on.

  15. thanks for the reference. Definitely going to use "*looks at them like they are crazy*".

    Anyways, I managed to find myself $20, so I'm gonna change 1's into 10's. The reason I don't want to use magazine cutouts or paper is the fact that the white is going to show, if you get what I mean.

    and wow:

    JabbaWockeeZ 2 5.88%
    iPhone 6 17.65%
    Megan Fox 26 76.47%
    Beef Jerky 0 0%
    Voters: 34.

    Now I know all magicians are pervs :p

    Thanks everybody!
  16. I am a fan of changing 'Paper to Money'.

    Here's a general idea of how I present it:

    So who here likes money?
    You all do?! Well who doesn't?
    So here in my wallet *takes out wallet* I always carry with me MY money, as you probably all do.
    Well, you guys know what money is made out of, right?
    Yeah, paper.
    *Goes into wallet and takes out 5 pieces of paper*
    I have here like I said before, MY money
    I know it seems strange but check them out *Lets spectator examine the paper*
    Well, like we said before, money is made out of paper. What if we could really do magic and do that? What if we could really print our own money? I want you to believe, just believe...*Changes paper into money, lets reactions sink it*
    Now check them out. *Lets spectators again examine them*
    But remember, afterall it is paper *changes money back into paper, again let the reactions sink in*
    *Places paper back into wallet*

    Hopefully it gives you some ideas or inspiration...

    Inferno Kaiser
  17. You needed a poll to prove that? :p

    Check out the picking up girls thread over in the general forum. Absolutely hilarious stuff.
  18. Obviously if there were such a thing as $1 Million bills. I meant if there were such a thing as $1,000,000 bills, they would look real.

    The option of printing $100 bills by scanning them, is illegal. Even if you're not going to purchase anything with it, it's still counterfieting.

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