Prophet, Panic, or Distortion?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Mitchell, May 4, 2008.

  1. which one do u guys think i should get?
  2. It's your choice. I don't actually own any, but I personally like the look of Prophet the best.
  3. Product question section?

    OnT: If you live in the US take Prophet, (and if you think it's okay to build the gimmick). But Panic is also very good, it's nice to use it as a closer, very good reactions! Distortion is good too, but hmm, I don't know.

    I gave you some tips, go for the trick you think you might like the best!

    Hope I helped you.

  4. 1. prophet, it is easy and amazing.
    2. distortion it is easy and very visuall and gives the specs a what the hell is happening look!
    3. panic is great but it is very bold and i feel this one you will get caught the most but it does work.
  5. panic :),,,,,,,
  6. 1. prophet - ONE WORD. money. Money catches peoples eyes. Always. And if you do magic with it, they will be amazed any way.
    2. distortion - amazing, again. But, for some people it might seem like too impossible, on the other hand, you can get great reactions with it.
    3. panic - easy, and will amaze. Very clean and slow vanish, but works veery well.

    Overall, i'd say, choose between panic or prophet.
    Prophet you can carry always with yourself, but panic needs a minor preporation.
  7. Honestly I'd get Prophet. Panic is good too. But i just feel prophet is the better effect. Panic plays ok with audiences i feel that it has the same reactions as a good retention coin vanish. And distortion to me isn't worth the money. In essence It is just a color change so I would stick to my regular color change.
  8. I say get Prophet.
  9. I'd go for Panic.
    Got all three.

    And I love Panic.
    Gets the best reactions, never fails, and you'll never get caught.

    Trust me. :)
  10. They are so different things, that you can't compare them to each other! It's like saying that iPod is better than Samsung cellphone.

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