Prophet with cards?

Nov 30, 2007
Midlands, England
After watching Prophet through, I came up with the idea that the concept could be used on playing cards. I'll try it later on, but what do you guys (those who own Prophet and those who don't) think?

It could be a great way of producing a four of a kind (if you did it with four), or a poker hand.

EDIT: After beginning to try it out, I realised that no, it wouldn't work. :p
Sep 1, 2007
Houston TX
cards are really stiff so i dont know if that would work my friend
sorry :-(

you could come up with a new method that might work
but for the prophet gimmick, i dont think it would work

you could also try making the gimmick with cards
but i would think that it would just fall apart


Jan 6, 2008
ive had a great idea, with chinese bills

basically, i can buy fake chinise bills for cheap, at a supermarket...

and im going to create some patter around chinese money being mystic w/e

i then show 5 of the bills plainly, and then ask for a card to be selected///

i then say that sometimes its been known for people to see theyre selection in the bills..

of course, it changes and each bill says 'yourcardis-the-eight-of-clubs' etc...

i then say, of course, all i can see is 5 plain bills.. and turn em back... :p
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