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  1. Hey,
    I was wondering if you can reverse prophet back to the initial bills after doing the first switch?
  2. Yup, its really great for an economic themed presentation.
  3. Yep! :)

    As shown in the trailer, he changes the 100 bills back to the 1s.
  4. yes, it is possible to change them back, as with most bill changes.
  5. Yes, you can change the bills back to the other currency.
  6. As other people have said, Yes you absoulty can.

  7. qnother currency

    I want to buy but i got question ,

    It said " Gimmick"? , what if i use non USD currency, how can i make a Gimmick?
  8. the same way. as long as your currency does not have holes in it. remove/edit if that is exposure.
  9. Yes, you could as long as it doesn't have something to make the bills abnormal (ect, holes)
  10. In the Prophet DVD, Tom Isaacson thoroughly explains how to make the gimmick for the effect - and it works for any currency, as long as the denominations are of the same size.

    Prophet is definitely one of my favorite effects, and I always carry it, along with a deck of cards.

  11. I was wondering which one ishould get prophet or distortion
    My skill level intermediate
    i will eventually get both but i want to know which one to get first
  12. Pick whichever looks coolest to you. You're gonna get both anyways.
  13. You know what I love?

    Even though the second poster already answered, everyone else just had to increase their post count by beating down the answer with a rusty spoon.

    Good job team.


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