Psycho - Box Monster Inspired Effect

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Geraint2k2, Jul 25, 2009.

  1. Hey Everyone,

    I blagged my way into University the other day, so I had to practice editing for September...... below is my first attempt at editing.
    It was only done on iMovie so don't get your hopes up.

    Tell me what you think about the effect ?


  2. Although I think this effect has much potential, you ruined it with all the cutaways! You don't need to do that. Show the whole video without edits. Oh, that EMO haircut has to go too!:D
  3. Hahah the hair is the source of my power.

    And the cut-aways were to get rid of the open-mouthed weird faces i pulled when filming it, and to give it a more professional look, instead of a webcam filmed effect destined for youtube.

    Cheers for the feedback though :)
  4. I don't know man, I am wondering who has the worst hair, you or Chad Nelson in that Svengali control on demand vid! :D
  5. I quite like the effect, not a fan of the editing, but a very cool effect. I love the part where the box closes by itself, I've never seen that before.
  6. Its very good.Just strange that one would have the box closed with my mind just to open it again.Doesnt make much sense.
    If the method allowed it I would have it closed after the trick is done and Im going to put the cards away,as in do that last piece of magic as the crowd simmers down to watch it..
  7. Yeah I get what you mean in terms of justification. I was just showing off by being able to close a box with my mind :p

    But the method allows it at the end too.
  8. Thats perfect then.
  9. Yeah, I agree about the haircut lol :)

    But seriously (not that that last comment wasn't serious...), The cut-aways did kind've ruin it for me as well. And I agree with the the thing that visualartist mentioned, about the closing of the box only to open it again shortly after. It didn't really have any motivation and it just didn't make sense. Other than that, it looks pretty interesting...
  10. What you talking about willis ! hahah I get compliments on my hair all the time :D
    It does doesn't look that good in the video :D
  11. If you were to:

    -Lose the haircut
    -Lose the Cutaways
    -Leave the box open, raise the card, and then close the box with your "mind"

    Then it would be an extremely cool effect. It would actually look like the card wanted to show itself, then go back into the box.
  12. Honestly,his hairstyle shouldnt come into question.
    At least he has a style,not like the drab spike and bootycuts I see walking the streets.
    Oh and that dreadful classic style look.ugh.
    His cut doesnt matter,so just leave it alone.

    Quickshot-His haircut is part of the effect? haha seriously..
  13. Since when did his hair become more important then the effect?

  14. Oh I beg to differ my friend! :D:D
  15. With that amount of misdirection i would fall for any effect done right in front of my eyes...
  16. hahahahaha! :d
  17. Wow you guys are clearly more interested in the hair than anything else, its not the wrong look, its my look. Magic isnt a standard.
    This isn't the army.
  18. Well, for the record i am saying the hair jokes with a good nature behind it.

    See, i actually have these shoes that are a few years old, and they are pretty terrible looking. I bet if i had your hair and my shoes i could probably pickpocket our own Apollo Robbins myself, WITH him expecting me to.

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