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  1. Are there any books or online material covering magic done by psychology or like prediction by power of suggestion. Similar to Derren Browns style?
  2. Two words. David Berglas.
  3. You are asking very broad questions, truth be told Berglas is not the best person for learning Psychological Effects from that person would be Banachek.

    However if you want to perform the effects like Derren read any classic magic book which contains mentalism. Derrens work is almost entirely not psychological in methodology. He uses a lot if psychology to heighten effect just not create them.
  4. But what about effects like Derren asks someone on stage and able to read them and tell what they do for a living, that kind of thing. I suppose that is reading isn't it.
  5. It's less 'reading' than you'd think. Usually he uses 'reading' to misdirect from the technical procedure behind many effects.

    And if you haven't already, check out Absolute Magic, Pure Effect and The Devil's Picturebook. Best of Derren Brown, and that's saying something.
  6. My first suggestion. . . stop watching Derren (or any of the Tv guys) and seeing their shows as a shopping list.

    As to your question. . . it takes years of study & practice + showmanship (experience) to make it look & feel the same as you see with Derren or other skilled Mentalists. If you really want to learn it take all the psychology and communications courses you can find and you'll have a decent foundation; study the books & videos mentioned including sources like TRADECRAFT, though it's technically a Cold Reading text it has a ton of statistical points that lend themselves well to this kind of thing.

    Start at the beginning, learn the basics and in time you will find the more advanced methodologies. Understand that it is not 100% sure fire stuff and not everyone gets away with it, it requires practice & patience but especially practice.

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