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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by medic91w, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. For those of you who own psypher, I have an idea for the effect in which the spectator spells out a thought of person's name in their mind as you deal cards eventually stopping on the last letter of the name. If you want to end clean, while you are turned around as the spectator shows his or her card to the group, why not ditch "it" in your coat pocket and grab your sharpie explaining to her she should sign her card? I'm a big fan of ending clean. I was careful not to reveal any secrets, so I hope I have been vague enough.
  2. Looks like a good idea but signing the card in that kind of effect is useless.
  3. I would have to disagree that it is useless. By going to get your sharpie and thereby ditching the gimmick in your pocket, you have ensured you have ended completely clean. So the signing of the card serves this purpose. The main point isn't so that they will be sure that it is their card, at least not to the magician. For him/her the signing of the card is for ending clean. My personal preference is to end clean whenever possible. Do you need to for this effect? Not necessarily but if you like to end clean then all actions will make sense to the spectator and will arouse no suspicion.
  4. So it sounds like signing the card is not necessary. Reaching into the pocket to grab the sharpie is. In this case the process is more important than the result.
  5. I think you're missing the point. You're thinking about it from a magician's point of view. Think about the effect as a whole. The effect is that you spell to their card. Why does this card need to be signed? To prove that that was their card? Not really. As long as you show that you don't have a forcing deck, there's really no point plot-wise of signing the thing, I'd have to agree with Alex. It's not like an ACR where it makes sense for the card to be signed. You said yourself that the main point isn't that they will be sure it's their card. The main point is cleaning up for the sake of cleaning up, which makes it unnecessary. Of course if you want to end clean then that's your personal preference, but it's a bit like using a complex sleight instead of a simple one because you want to show off your skill to other magicians.

    Also, although I don't have Psypher per se (I bought the original UI and am very familiar with many different types of similar devices in general), I'm not sure what the point of cleaning up in this situation is. I know what Psypher is and how it works - but if there's suspicion on the gimmick, given what the effect is, then the performer has done something terribly, terribly wrong and cleaning up should be the least of their concerns.
  6. I understand your thinking and it is logical, but I still think there are benefits to cleaning up whenever possible. For example, what if you want to go into some more straight forward card effects? Well, if you still have your gimmick in the deck, you will have to know ahead of time how to work around it and keep it concealed. But, you made me think a little more outside of the box actually. So, if we were to skip the signing part as it really isn't needed in this effect that I agree, then there is another option that would make more sense to the spectators. If you want to do a few more card effects, at the end of this particular one, reach in your pocket to both ditch the gimmick and grab your sharpie and proceed with an appropriate signed card effect. Now it all makes sense as part of the current effect is to sign a card and you are clean. What do you guys think of this idea? Again, I love ending clean whenever possible which is why I perform mostly ungimmicked card effects, but the use of psypher here is quite brilliant.
  7. I agree with Prae- signing the card is so illogical that it may even arouse suspicion. Much more logical just to ditch the gimmick as you put the box away, or in the process of taking the jokers out of the deck.
  8. As alex and prae have already said, for the effect in question signing the card is pointless. Having them do so is bad structuring and will only make you look silly to an intelligent audience.

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