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  1. Hey,

    It seems to me that Sankey is coming up with tons of tricks lately. I recently went over to his site ( to see the newest stuff. Well, later that evening (now) I got kinda bored and figured I'd look through some of my old junk that I had laying around. Well Public Transit was just sitting there and I picked it up, looked over it, and didn't really put too much thought into it. Then, I was surfing random magic sites and saw a few review requests requesting a review (obviously) for Public Transit. Well, since I'm very, very bored, I think I'll write a review on it.

    Here it is ::: PUBLIC TRANSIT

    Where is it available? Well, at MJM of course! :

    How much? : 20 bucks with free shipping from MJM. Smile


    The Teaching: Jay, as always, is a great teacher. He is very thorough when he explains and is not at all boring to listen to. He seems very laid back and relaxed while teaching. During the explanation, he gives little hints and stuff that will make your performance of Public Transit even better. He even goes over little flourishes, anything that enhances the performance of this effect.

    The Method: I'm not sure why this matters to many people, but I will write about it anyway. Yes it is practical, all you need is a hole puncher, a deck of cards, and a sharpie marker. The gimmick is something that most magicians will already have. If you don't a whole $@*& of them will cost about, oh, I don't know, $5.82. Smile Only $5.24 with returning customer discount!

    The Angles: I am one of those people who need to everything about the effect before buying it. Well, I frequently want to know how the angles are. Public Transit has pretty good angles for the most part and with good audience management, can certainly be pulled off while completely surrounded.

    The Mood of the Effect: Public Transit can be performed as a comical effect as Jay does in the demo, or it can be performed in a serious mode. Everyone has their own style and this effect can be changed to fit your specifications.

    Which is Better?: Hollow or Public Transit?

    Well, I personally would say Hollow. Now, before you go throwing a fit, I will explain. Hollow requires only one sleight that many magicians should know (rather 'have to know'). Public Transit includes two sleights, one being the same as Hollow's. The second one however looks kind of weird when completed. Any spectator who is paying attention will see that something happened, but trust me, they won't know what. I personally believe that Hollow has a much smoother handling also. Hollow is much easier for the beginner and looks much more fair. That's just my opinion though....

    Anyway, it is a good trick overall, and I do highly recommend it.


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