Purchasing the Flicker shot/Flourish

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by TylerMakabe, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. Is there a place to learn/buy the flicker shot flourish taught by the Verts without buying their bundle pack of decks?
  2. Just try watching the flicker shot trailer vid on slo mo and focus on his right hand
  3. Contact support@thevirts.zendesk.com and ask to buy the Flicker Shot Tutorial package. Or wait until ss17 deck is released, odds are you will be able to add it to your order.
  4. You will becasue i contacted thr virts and they said once ymthe ss17 release you can buy flicker shot separately and they will be more tutorials
  5. I really hope this years virt deck is borderless...
  6. It will be they told me and they also said its gonna be enhanced since the ss16 so it will be better im kinda tight with the virts
  7. I didn't really enjoy the ss16 deck, they said it was designed for cardistry, cool back design but they can withstand way less than normal bikes.
  8. i had the ss16 for 4 months and they still fan and spring awesomely
  9. That's not a really nice way to learn the flourish. I have the Flicker Shot tutorial from The Virts, and Huron explains every thing you need to know about the flourish, and the tips to make it better too. Launching the card is pretty simple from watching the slow mo. But it won't help you to achieve a perfect behind the back boomerang.

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