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  1. Is it just me or does anyone else think Ekaterina is a joke? Obviously I've only seen the stuff that's on the trailer but it looks crap. When compared with Genesis, Trilogy and even Papercuts it doesn't add anything to the world of cardistry.
    I can't help but feel like they're just trying to introduce a woman and make sales based on that because the moves I've seen her perform aren't good enough for a dvd.
  2. From the trailer, it looks like there's some new and creative stuff.

    I'm not into cardistry myself and when I see flourishes, alot of the time I just think they all look the same, but this trailer was one of the first videos in a while which looked different.

    I remember liking Ekaterina's videos a few years ago and I'm glad to see she's working with T11 now.
  3. Some people like me, have not seen this style of cardistry. Or very much of it for that matter. Of course, you are entitled to your own opinion but, Theory11 won't produce something that they don't believe in.
  4. Dude it isn't a cardistry DVD even though it is titled that way. Almost all the moves shown are part of XCM and she used most of them in the world XCM tournement I believe last year. So true I agree it brings very little to cardists but I don't really believe she is one. (Granted some of the moves are cardistry but for the most part she is a XCMer)

    You are entitled to your opinion though and I due somewhat agree.
  5. Umm, aren't flourishes card manipulations by definition? Where do you draw a line of where flourishing ends and extreme manipulation begins?

    As for the Pure, apart from the card box on top of a ribbon spread which is in my humble opinion ridiculous, most of the stuff I seen looks solid, although I somehow doubt I'll be purchasing this release any time soon, or ever for that matter. It just doesn't seem like my cup of tea.

  6. To quickly chime in, Ekaterina would most likely not consider herself an "XCMer", that's silly. Ultimately, there are no differences in definition between the two terms. They both mean the same thing but the styles are slightly different.

    On that note, Ekaterina has some amazing moves on Pure that will take me a long time to get down, but they are definitely worth it. Granted, they aren't the usual moves that we're used to seeing, they are different - that's why we love and believe in the project. They're moves that cater to people who want to expand their knowledge in the art and ultimately perform on stage. She has more experience than most people I know. I've seen her at lectures and at live shows, she's great. It's a pleasure to see someone go out there and do what they love! Hopefully she chimes in here and let's us know what it's all about,
  7. This helps me understand. From what I can tell the moves are more like ways to build structures to display rather than flourishes that close up performers can use. So the fact that it's aimed towards stage makes more sense to me.
  8. Just saw this thread. First of all, thanks for expressing your opinion. I would like to take some time to maybe clarify a few things.

    I've been a live performer for the past 6 years on a professional level and I perform both magic and cardistry for live audiences. 90% of the time my audience consists of laymen and the other 10% magicians (when I lecture or perform at conventions). I perform cardistry in several settings: close-up cardistry (no magic), close-up cardistry with magic and stage card manipulation for larger audiences to music.

    In my repertoire and in Pure I present material that touches all of the above categories. You will find 2-handed cuts (mainly false ones in order to integrate with magic), table work (part of my act for magicians), fanning (that I use both on stage and close-up), shuffles (with potential for magic applications), perching (advanced level) and more.

    My intent with this DVD is to display a very diversified portfolio of moves tested over hundreds of performances in front of laymen. It's so rare to see cardistry go beyond videos and hobby. I am always looking for the next way or stage act that would display cardistry in an entertaining way to my audience. I believe that cardistry is something that should be shared. Some perform it just for themselves, which is fine, but I am convinced that at some point, they told their friend, 'Hey check this out...". Cardistry is a hand motor skill acquired over time and practice and deserves to be seen. Moreover, it can be and is entertaining when presented properly. I love 2-handed cuts, but if I present a stage act with more than 1 or 2 of these, I'm losing the interest of my audience. Variety is key.

    I wanted to publish something for everyone as well. A magician would appreciate the false cuts and potential to spice up their performance. A cardist will find some of the concepts an interesting challenge to tackle. Hopefully, more will share the artform and perform live as well. One of the displays shown in the trailer is a great example of a fairly simple move (will not impress a cardist) but easy to execute 100% of the time without cards falling and impress layman during a live performance. This is the move right before my finale during my card manipulation routine. If there is anything that I would like to add to the world of cardistry is performance aspect of it. To my knowledge, Dimitri, Andrei and myself are among the only ones who actively perform cardistry live.

    For me, moves are not meant to be taken and copied. I hope to inspire and give a recipe that works, now the ingredients can be changed or adapted to your preference. :) We should chat sometime.


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