Push Off Double Lift & Riffle Pass

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  1. Hello people! I just wanted to ask where is the best source of learning the push off double lift & the riffle pass? Thank you very muh!
  2. Push Off Double

    Master Pushoff -Andi Gladwin - Vanishing Inc.

    Riffle Pass

    On The Pass - Richard Kaufman

    Riffle Pass by Derek Dingle - STREAMING VIDEO - mjmmagic

    Fred Robinson invisible riffle pass - Ganson, Lewis: Routined Manipulation Volumes I & II

    Peter Duffie
  3. Lift Sequences: Here are a few of my favorite double turnovers -- Vernon-Klause Soft Double, TTT, Vernon-Finley (Exp Card Technique).

    Pass work: Dingle, Latta, C. Bertram (Modern Conjurer)
  4. What Zach gave you should probably be all that you need, but I'd like to add one more thing - Do NOT buy Chad Nelson's on-demand for the riffle pass. The point is to use the riffling action to cover the pass movement, not to riffle 20 million times and then do a classic pass.
  5. Dito.

    I already do the double pushoff, but I found Andi Gladwin's DVD to be crazy good. I learned a load of new applications. Anyone who doesn't have this DVD should definitely get it!

    You can get it here, here or here. I got mine here, though.


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