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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by manks123, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. So,
    What are your thoughts on the new 1-on-1?
    Personally I think it looks really cool. I might get it.

  2. i dont like the move at all i just dont and they edited out the part where you do the "move"
  3. No, no they didn't.

  4. sorry they just made the camera change and was really shaky
  5. Again, no they didn't.

    He does the move very well. If I wasn't already familiar with this sleight, or even as smooth as I am now, I would consider purchasing this. It's a great false shuffle/cut sequence. Highly suggest learning it in some form; whether that be this 1-on-1 or a book from, learn this.
  6. He does the move EXTREMELY well. I like his performance very well, but i dont think that this move alone is worth 10 dollars. There are many sources for this move, that will include more than just this false shuffle. Penguin Magic for instance, has "False shuffles" with Luke Jermay, this includes 3 false shuffles for 8.95, but it does not teach the "up the ladder" false cut that Jason uses in the Demo. I dont know if he teaches it in the 1on1 but if he doesnt then you might consider the one from penguin. If he does then it might be worth it. I use this as my main false shuffle (i hate the zarrow shuffle lol), but again i would not pay 10 dollars for this move alone.

    If you do decide its worth it, im sure the teaching will be great.
  7. Again, people here talk without much experience.

    The Push-through shuffle is the basics of all false table shuffling. Very fun to practice and very difficult to make it look good. As much as this is one of the coolest 1on1 that has been released... I still disagree with it. In my opinion, people should actually friggin read the materials instead of them getting their butt wiped. The future of magic... is where people can learn the secrets that has been in text for many decades now being easily learned by just paying 10 bucks and watching it. Sigh.
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    Just to clarify... Jason teaches everything seen in the demo, including the up the ladder sequence.

    -Andrei Jikh
  9. I am of the humble opinion that one needs to have one and only one false shuffle that they do, for consistency of action. I happen to do a Zarrow shuffle, so I'll probably pass this one up, but it looks great. It's probably worth it just for the up-the-ladder, but I do that already anyway.
  10. Totally wrong. Many people do more than one false table shuffles. I can't believe you're saying that Up-the-latter sequence costs more than the Push-through... even so it is SO not worth 10 bucks.
  11. Well, that's your opinion, but if I'm in a game or doing magic, all of my movements need to look the same so as not to arouse suspicion. Those people doing the variety of false shuffles, I believe, are wasting their time. I'd rather have one very deceptive false shuffle than a bunch of ones I'm not very good at. Shuffling is one of those things that has to be done in the most inconspicuous manner. I'm not saying it's a bad thing to know lots of shuffles, I just prefer to use one and only one superb one.

    Additionally, it's not the move you're paying for, but the instruction. And as it happens, up-the-ladder is worth far more than 10 bucks to me. It's a move I use every day of my life, therefore its use-value for me is priceless.
  12. Wasting time? Man playing with cards is a waste of time overall. But on a serious note... are you insisting people like Steve Forte, Ricky Jay, Dai Vernon, Herb Zarrow, etc. all wasted most of their life to actually practice these various shuffles? You do realize it takes YEARS to master gambling sleights right? It's not all about doing a good performance of it... it has to be FLAWLESS.

    So this is the future generation of our magic T11 was talking about eh? Nice friggin job guys.
  13. If I didn't already know this I must say I would jump straight at it. He has an incredibly small brief when doing the shuffle, enough to even take his hands away to show the squared deck. Very good job T11/Mr England
  14. i have a question:
    the table cut trough on the video is "Heap Snatch"?

  15. No, it is a move that may look similar, but isn't Heap Snatch. Do you mean the part where all the packets are being cut on top of the deck?

    It's called the 'Up the Ladder" cut.

  16. As you go into riffle shuffle work and its magical applications, you'll find that there are places where the effect demands a push through.

    Jason Englad, as expected, does the move very well. People used to pay only to get the move done by an expert. Now you see it AND learn it.

    For ten bucks.

  17. The product looked alright. He did it very, very well but 10 dollars is a bit too pricey in my opinion. Looked good though. One thing that I did notice in the video was the very catchy new music. I liked the music.
  18. Ben is not insisting that. You're wrong to assume that. He's trying to get the point across that doing one false shuffle throughout your routine is good because it shows consistency and does not arouse as much suspicion as doing many false shuffles. It isn't bad to know many different shuffles, showing them off during a routine is bad. There are some things that may require a push through, there are some that may require a zarrow shuffle.

    It's like double lifts. Kenner teaches in Blueprint the importance of making double lifts the same as single lifts and pretty much making everything look the same so that people don't suspect what you're doing.

    I think all of us can agree to the fact that consistency is a good thing, so why argue it further?

  19. is there a difference from the push through shuffle and the tudor shuffle??

    to me it looks pretty much the same
  20. Thank you. That's almost exactly what I'm trying to say.

    Like I mentioned earlier, one should know lots of methods. I am familiar with the push through and can do it, but I never do. I use the Zarrow Shuffle because it's all I need to use.

    And as it happens I am perfectly aware that shuffles need to be flawless. I practice all of my moves for six hours every day, in nonstop 2 hour increments. So, Eddie, please don't assume that I don't know what I'm talking about.

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