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  1. Does Quantum come with both red-backed and blue-backed gimmicks?
  2. One red-backed card gimmick is part of what comes included.
  3. Thanks Casey!
  4. Can we use the Sharpie to write? Smoke 2.0 has the ability write and I was wondering if the same concept for the sharpie to write was implemented here?
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  5. No, the sharpie can’t write.
  6. Thank you Larold
  7. Just wondering if I should buy Quantum, and I thought if the card and sharpie could be examined before and after the trick?
  8. The Sharpie should go back into your pocket and the card should be swapped with it’s genuine twin before you hand it over.
  9. Can the card be examined?
  10. Just do a double lift with it’s genuine card. You can’t let the gimmick be examined closely. Still very cool! It’s a shocker.
  11. Just recived my box today and I have two questions.

    1. Has anyone done this live yet as a close-up performance?

    2. Is Theory 11 going to sell replacements gaff cards?

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