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  1. Hey guys I just got the trilogy for Xmas :D Problem is i need some variations for the last vanish of the queens or just a variation in general... I really hate the angles for the bottom palm and I dont have surfaced and therefore cannot use the clipshift...any ideas?
  2. Sure thing...I'll share to you how I do the Queens .Although the methods are quite similar, but easier to maneuver...

    1st Vanish: The same as the dvd instructed. (Quite easy to maneuver so it's no biggie)

    2nd Vanish: The dvd shows a method of rotating the card and vanishing it, I personally do a different thing. instead of rotating it, just try to align all three queens vertically,so that the suite and pips are seen. Then from there, let the spectator push the cards in, and let them vanish it.(I use this coz, it makes the trick not only visual but also tactile)

    3rd Vanish: The same as the dvd. I do it tilted upwards wherein the right hand is slightly below the left hand. And the left hand is tilted about 45-90 degrees. And do the vanish. (this angle concept is great coz, the vanish is angle proof at this point, atleast in my experience. Even the person at the left can't see it as long as the positioning is right. And I use this one coz it prepares the spectator for the final vanish.)

    4th Vanish: Same as the dvd, however I do the bottom palm in the same 45-90 degree angle. And as soon as the palm is made, I quickly shift my position from a 45 degree angle to a 0 degree angle (The deck in the same position as before, face-down and flat as a table)A quick dribble adds to the subtlety as in the dvd shows. (The reason for the shift covers again the angles that are the main weak points of the bottom palm, with the shift of position, the card does not only vanish, but th spectator is caught off guard from the movement.I once caused a girl to scream as I vanished the last queen. She waS burning my hands, but when my method is done right,it catches them dead center.)

    Production: The production I do is quite similar to the dvd, however again I added a few more points to it.
    1.after I position the first queen, I perform Huron Low's Flicker move as I turn the entire deck over.
    2.I then secretly produce the second and third queen from the deck as explained,
    3.As I rotate back to my starting position I reveal the three queens, and the last queen I revealed as I end the Flicker.
    (THe queens end in a more flourishy manner and appear almost at the same time.)
    (I perform the Queens as a middle effect and sometimes as a closer. But I recommend my variation, if you can call it that, to be done as a middle effect, It's too complex to be an opener and too weak to be a closer, although I added a tactile subtlety at 2nd vanish,the trick works best as a middle effect)
    (Closers are done in the spectator's hands, and the Queens are done in the performer's hands, which does not give a lasting impact to the spectators)

    Just because one does not know the clipshift, it does not mean that this trick ain't gonna work.I personally admit that I don't know the move, but I strive hard to compensate for it in my effects, and even improve it, simplify it and make it my own.

    I hope this message will help you.And I hope you would appeal to what I contirbuted.

    Krist Anthony
  3. wow thanks for taking the time to write all that for me. I used your suggestion for the second vanish and thanks for the bottom palm tips. my performance is lots cleaner because of you. Thanks
  4. for the fourth vanish, classic pass with the bottom card???
  5. No problem. Your welcome.

    I can't say that I'm an expert at the Queens, but I try to get it all down good and smooth. I'm glad I can help.

    Krist Anthony
  6. You can always try the original version of The Queens...
  7. Buy Surfaced... and then I'll see you in a year or so when you can perform Queens how you truly want it.
  8. same thing comes again, if you head to dan and dave forum you will see a post quite useful.
    If you know whats the ego change(DG project), u can apply it to the last vanish, and produce all by using molecule 4 card production. hope that helps.

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