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  1. Hi this is my first post and im curious about buying the trilogy. I have some questions though before i decide to purchase it.

    Is the Move taught for card across the one hand pop over by aaron fisher?
    Is the Move taught for card across the same used for "portal" in andthensome?
    Is the clipshift taught when the queens trick is revealed?
    Are the variations in andthensome just taught as variations or do they teach the originial move aswell? (ex. jones change variation? click change variation?)
    In Everything else is flourishes 101 taught using verbal instructions slow mo or neither?
    And um the final question is which trick do u like to perform most?

    Thanks I'd really appreciate some answers. And again I'm new to the forums so don't like flame me for posting in the wrong section if i did... Thanks.
  2. 1. Yes it is the Pop Over Move By Aaron Fisher
    2. No the Pop out move is not the one used in "Portal"
    3. The Clipshift is not taught as part of the queens as it is found as a completely seperate dvd on D&D's website.
    4. They run through the original maybe once but don't teach it in detail.
    Everything Else 101 is taught along to music with slow motion.

    Hope that helped you

  3. that helped alot. I'll probably get it for christmas. Thanks for the answers
  4. The Clipshift is found on Chad Nelson's Surfaced... which is worth buying by itself.
  5. oh okay is the technique for the clipshift the same used for the palming and the clipshift as a pass? And what do they teach for the last vanish for queens in that case a bottom steal/palm?
  6. Buy Surfaced -.-
  7. i probably will after the trilogy... surfaced only teaches the clipshift and tricks that apply it. The trilogy teaches a variety of things
  8. The Aaron Fisher's one hand hand pop over move is in a very brief way.

    If you are realy interest in this move I suggest you the One Hand Pop Over DVD or Paper Engine both by Aaron himself
  9. is it explained well enough to perform it well?
  10. Okay, Surfaced doesn't ONLY teach the clipshift... it teaches THE clipshift. And the tricks in the dvd have more moves within them than just the clipshift. They are solid tricks that when I have down, I will use. And the clipshift isn't the only move they put focus on. There's also a very nice and one handed pass. Plus all the variations, different vanishes, appearances, changes. well well worth the money.
  11. Hope I helped. :eek:
  12. umm if i have questions about surfaced should i start a new thread... and is it even allowed since its not sold on T11?
  13. I don't see why not.
  14. Ok so from what I understand the pop-out move is not taught all that well. Is it still taught well enough to learn it?
  15. everything is taught well enough to learn, but they don't go into a great amount of detail for certain things that they leave for you to go to the creator... might have to watch it several times to get it down well enough. So, you'll always get a better knowledge of the move from the creator.

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