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  1. Hey everyone!

    I'll be the first to admit I am a complete novice when it comes to magic, but it has always fascinated me. Recently a friend and I decided to up our game (we are teachers) and see if we could learn/master a few tricks that would really psych our kids out!

    He went for Zodiac and I went in on DoubleCross- It just arrived but I'm reaching out to you all for some guiding practice here. How do you all not get someone to feel the "move"? It might just be my inexperience but is it a matter of getting them to focus on the other hand?

    Any help would be great! Thanks!
  2. Here is a video of how I perform it:

    What's funny is I originally wanted that part of the video cut out but my editor either forgot or didn't understand what I meant and so I left it in because there wasn't any flashing and it's annoying having to re-edit and upload which takes almost an entire night to do. So it's left in so you can see how I do it and get away with it.
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  3. Thanks so much! I'm 99% sure I see what you're talking about- Appreciate the help!
  4. There is a psychological thing that happens when someone is trying to split their attention. If you grab their hands and look them in they eye and ask a question, I guarantee they wont feel a thing. Pickpockets get away with this same idea when stealing your watch. You would think you notice it isn’t there anymore, but because you are not thinking about it you swear you still feel you are wearing it. Hope that is clear? Cannot say much more without exposing the method.
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  5. That tracks- like most things in magic, you have to get the confidence to openly deceive.

    I just need to be more confident when performing and practice (just tough to find someone to practice on). Thanks!
  6. Great Video, Clean the Dog Hair Off Your Jacket! LOL
  7. They actually do feel the move

    However it’s a nothing because of what you’re doing

    If I pat you on the back you don’t “think” about me touching you right? The action is a’s just a gesture so of course the spec will “feel” something. But it won’t be what YOU think it’s just you touching them
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  8. I've been doing Double Cross for a few months now and I haven't had a single person pick up when the "move" happens. I've even had someone say "I've seen Criss Angel do something like that with lipstick but he had to *insert secret move here*."
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  9. I've been doing double cross for one week now and haven't had anyone feel the "move" however, I have had poor audience management skills and an angle issue that I didn't think about from a seated spectator. Lesson learned. This is why we perform things over and over and mess them up every way possible so that the piece gets polished.
    I carry it around with me on purpose in my pocket all day so I can get at least a few performances on per day and then reflect on what could have been better: the patter, the timing, the angle, etc. Overall I am liking the effect and it plays strong because it happens in their hand which is always powerful.
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