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  1. So im tired of buying overpriced gear that is misleading from the ads and description you get before you buy.

    Flux is 200$ and i already have a gimmick wich cost me 5$ that seems to do the same effect (its i thumb tip with a small magnet you put in and can feel it move around when you approach a metal ball the spectator holds in their hand and you guess wich hand its in) soo how is this 200$ gimmick worth it?

    First the only reason i wish to buy it is because it says you can tell wich side up the quarter is... Wich is a bonus but does this work only with a gimmicked magnetic quarter ? Would a canadian quarter work as well since they are already magnetic?

    I know its off rules to give away method but if i already know half of how this works can someone please give the details of how the heads up or down side of this works before i waste my money on something i probably dont need??
  2. Flux vibrates when coming into contact with a magnet. That's the main difference between your gimmick. It doesn't read just metal, it has to be a magnet itself. A great benefit is its range. From a few inches beyond the spectator's closed fist, you can tell. I will admit I haven't done the heads of tails method when performing. I use a quarter I bought from another dealer so maybe if you buy it through ProMystic or Theory11 it may be better.

    I highly recommend it because of its versatility and simplicity. There's only one button you have to deal with. There are also multiple settings with it, including having an LED flash instead of the buzzer, or both at the same time.

    I apologize for the exposure, but this is a magician's forum and I feel this question comes from someone who is serious.
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  3. Thank you this gives me the exact insight i need to make a clearer decision. Does it come with the magnetic quarter? From description it says add it with theory 11's quarter for "greater" results. So its supposed to work anyway with everything included in box?
  4. Hey Mickael!

    FLUX is indeed a magnet detection device, so it won't detect objects that are magnetic by nature, like a Canadian coin. The item it detects has to be a magnet or an item infused with a magnet. So a specialty made magnetic quarter, or the item we used to carry the Magnetic Mint (a magnet is inside the mint candy-looking object) for example. The base kit you receive for $200 is the device itself, spare batteries (replacement batteries are also super cheap), and a magnet with a tack substance you can use to attach the magnet to anything you want so it can be detected by the device.

    The Magnetic Quarter is sold separately in our Gear section and does not come with the base FLUX kit:

    The heads or tails feature with the magnetic coin works because not only does it detect a magnet, it detects the polarity of the magnet.

    Hope this helps answer your questions! It's definitely not a device for everybody, but for anyone that needs to fill those specific needs and requirements, this is the one.
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