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    i have seen a few threads that ask "can you tell me a dvd that tells me how to mentally force something" (i was one of them) and when i look back, i think i asked a silly question. So im going to ask some more questions more vividly (hopefully)

    I am reallyy interested in mentalism, psychologically forcing something, abit of prevaricating. i have no idea where to start!

    Are there any dvds that can give give teach me the basics of mentalism and the things i need to know which can lead me up to psychological forces? i have heard people talk about Banachek, and the magic dealer near me only sells his Psi series. no books from Banachek unfortunately. is the PSI series any good? can you get books of Banachek in a normal library? i also can't buy anything off the Internet at the moment :p i also look up to derren brown, does he have any teachings of this subject?

    so really my questions are:
    1. can anyone lead me to the basics of mentalism that leads towards psychological forces and possibly prevericating?
    2. is PSI series by Banachek any good?
    3. does derren brown have any teachings of mentalism
    4. would banachek books be in a normal library?

    i hope i covered it all, please ask questions if you don't understand anything. thank you :)

    edit: i am a street/close up magician
  2. I'm not sure about all of your questions, but as a huge Derren Brown fan, I can tell you, yes he does; sort of.

    Check out Absolute Magic, Pure Effect and Tricks of the Mind (three of his books). As for video material, he only has one DVD published on the subject, namely, The Devil's Picturebook which you can purchase from his website.

    The Devil's Picturebook is 2 discs and the first is Card Magic while the second is more Psychological/Mentalism typed-stuff, still using cards. On that disc he also teaches how to psychologically force a few different cards.

    These are truly amazing sources for Magic and Psychology and I'd definitely recommend them.
  3. Speaking of derren brown ...There are ways you can do regular magic and make it look like mentalism
    I do one where you force a card and take 5 other card and mix them up and do a kinda hellstromism..
  4. Psychologically forcing something is not only fairly advanced mentalism it should only be used sparingly.

    The best place to learn mentalism is from Fundamentals, and to learn psych forces PS1 is a great start and then the naked mentalism books aren't too bad either.
    The PSI series is good the first two DVDs have some good mentalism and mental magic on them. The third disc is all about muscle reading and the last one is about PK.
    Derren has a few books and DVDs however they are quiet advanced
    And no you wouldn't find banacheks books in a normal library
  5. what is psych forces PS1? can you tell me more about it?
    so do you think Banachek's PSI would be good?
    so derren brown wouldn't be a good idea to get then right?

    sorry for all the questions :) thanks
  6. PS1 is psychological subtleties 1, it is Banachek's amazing book.
    Banachek DVDs are good but there is very little in them regarding psych forces.
    My advice to anyone who wants to learn mentalism is to learn what it takes to be a mentalist.
    You need to lay a solid foundation, mentalism including its presentation style and techniques are vastly different than those of magicians.
  7. 1. The basics of mentalism - definitely grab a copy of Fundamentals from Bob Cassidy. I won't lie, it's not directly related to psychological forces, but it's recommended because in order to perform mentalism, you have to understand its principles, you have to understand mentalism. Otherwise, sure, you can learn a psych force, but if you don't use it effectively, even if you hit, it won't be as strong as it is in the hands of a performer with a strong grounding in the art.

    However, your basic "Bible" of psychological forcing will be Banachek's book Psychological Subtleties 1. It's one of a trilogy, and is the best place to start for Psych forces specifically. You can learn not only the forces, but the psychology behind them, and just as importantly, how to reveal them. I also quite like the Naked Mentalism books, but they should come after Banachek.

    2. Banachek's PSI Series is an excellent DVD set, but I think at this stage is unlikely to match what you're looking for. It's a good purchase at any time down the track, but I'd keep it for later.

    3. Derren Brown has multiple teachings, including, most notably, two books and a DVD set. However, his books operate at a very advanced level and are intended for a performer with experience. Further, his material often relies on advanced sleights that are rarely covered in their entirety in the books. They do contain a few psych forces, however I don't think that this should be your starting point as you will gain more from other products.

    4. I doubt that Banachek's books will be in your local library.
  8. thank you very much everyone :)

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