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  1. Hi! I have a question about the spread cull. I thought I was pretty OK at it, until I read the trick description of "Royal Flush Finale" in CC. For the trick you need a eight card set up (Ace, ace, ace, ace of spades, and the rest of the spades needed for a royal flush). It says that one cull should be enough to arrange the cards like this. Can you use the spread cull to arrange cards so freely? To my knowledge, the first card you encounter in the spread would be the last of the stock, and the last you encounter would end up on top of the deck. So if the first card I encounter is an ace, the set up would be wrong (for example). I hope I make sense. What am I missing about the spread cull? Could anyone explain or does anyone know a good source where I can learn more about the cull? Thanks!
  2. If you read it again it also says the word “generally”. Also there are no real rules on to whether you can’t overhand shuffle the cards where they need to go after the cull. Or even that you have to use the royal flush in spades. If you find that one of the other suits royal flush can be arranged more easily, do it. Don’t make it harder on yourself. As Shawn Farquhar says “Stick To Easy”.
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