Question to Become a Better Magician #2

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  1. Any magician have preference for their magic act. Some prefer talent and practice sleight of hands and study flourishes. Others wish to do more impossible feats and use gimmicks. There are as well the balance who bring equal amounts of both. When you perform, I understand you can't bring every single gimmick, because that will take up too much space. The question, what is the perfect amounts of gimmicks to use while out in the streets performing for friends, family, and complete stranger whether payed or not?
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  2. My advice to you is to pick five effects that mean something to you and that you appreciate more than any other effect. Master those five effects to the point to where you can perform them and get bored while performing and practicing it. Make those your five effects and do them better than anyone else you know. You would be surprised at how much you can stretch out five effects for one small show.
  3. I agree, find some effects that you do well and practice them until they are amazing in your hands.
  4. Decide on the effects you want your audience to experience and then take the gimmicks that you need to produce those effects. If it all fits in your pockets, fine. If you need a knapsack, perfect.
  5. Just make sure your gimmicks don't take up too much pocket space
  6. The gimmicks, sleights, and moves are just the means to accomplish the effect. Decide what your effect is and use the sleights, gimmick, or move that best accomplishes that goal.

    Many magicians bag on the Svengali deck, but to layman, it is impossible that the selected card can end up rising to the top, bottom, pocket etc while the magician literally does NO MOVES!

    Downside is the deck cannot be examined however, so it is up to you to determine the practicality of these things.
  7. To further emphasise my point, many magicians will sacrifice the effect and magical impact it has to incorporate difficult or "knuckle busting moves" simply to show off how much practice they have put into it. NEVER sacrifice the effect so that you can show off difficult moves.
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