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  1. Hey guys i just got my first walking liberty half dollar and i had a few questions. A lot of these coins have black around the main design wich makes the design stand out (eric jones coins have this) but mine is sthe complete opposite. Unless you hold it in certain positions it it is actually so white that you can barely see the design. Its not a matter of the design being flattened and worn down because it is in great condition its that the coin itself has whitened. Is there any way to get rid of this whitening? I washed the coin with soap and it got a little better but i want it to be even better:). Alsoi know this sounds crazy but the mint mark on my walker is a w. Ive never heard of any thing accept a d s or blank but there is a dedinite w and it looks too perfect to be a coincidental scratch. Anybody know how this is possible? And last but not least id love for anyone to just give me some tips on how to care for my coin and keep it in tip top shape. Thanks!!!!!
  2. I have the same situation, I want mine looking something like that too but also have the opposite. I've yet to find a way get rid of the "Whiteness" However I like them either way. A good way to take care of them is first, don't wash them with soap, try toothpaste, it's good for jewelry so the coin being 90% silver it should work just fine. Also don't dry or wash them with a towel it scratches them, trust me I know from experience :( another tip would be to only hold them by the edges however this may difficult if you want it for magic. Regarding the W on your Walker Depending on the year, it is either a designer's initials: A. A. Weinman or a mint mark for the West point mint. I hope this helps,

  3. Wow that toothpaste advice actually just worked and took alot of the white away. My grandma has silver polish but im worried that this constant cleaning is gonna mess the coin up. I just messaged the owner of my magic shop where i got the coin and he said that if you drop the coin in bleach for thirty seconds and then wipe it off the actual design stays the same color and the rest gets a little darker so maybe that would be worth a shot
  4. I'm glad I could help, I'll definitely try that bleach idea as well.
  5. Google it firat though cuz i just did and there is a lot of extra steps that you should do so that your xoin isnt messed up

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