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  1. sorry if this topic has been posted before, but i have some qeustions.

    1. What type of resturants are willing to hire magicians? (all types?)

    2. Would it be in my best interest to learn something other than card magic?

    3. What can i expect money wise? (all about the benjamins rah rah rah)

    ty for your help
  2. 1. Usually more higher end restaurants. For example, a TGIFridays, and not an iHop.

    2. Yes, it would. At least I think so. My reasoning is that people are eating, you don't want them to have to stop eating to pick cards, and some people may even not want to touch your cards if they are eating. (Some people can be very germaphobic)

    3. Moneywise is based on the place you're working. Think of this, at a kids birthday party, parents will pay $120 - $150 for 45 minutes. At a restaurant, if you're just starting out, anywhere from $20 - $50 an hour. Once some experience is gained, you can net about $75 an hour at the right places.

  3. what if i did invisible palm, or the queens? tricks like that they never have to touch the cards.
  4. here are some tricks (loops, infusion( travelers Ellusionist revolution
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    That would be fine.

    Loops are good. But...again you don't want to be moving their silverware. That they eat with :p

    Strange Travelers requires them to have to touch the cards. And revolution on its own wouldn't be the best thing to do in a restaurant setting. You don't want small effects in case the table is big. You want everyone to be able to see the effects you are performing.

    Though, these are my opinions. You are allowed to do as you wish.

  6. thank you, i appreciate everyone's imput
  7. Really! WOW! That is a heck of a lot of money for just 45 minutes.

  8. 1. It kinda depends on the area the restaurant is in and it's main demographic.

    2. Most definitely. Coins, rope, spongeballs come to mind.

    3. Again it depends on the restaurant.

    Loops aren't tricks.. your whole post was kind of.. "??"
  9. I would try any resteraunt that looks like there is space for you to perform. Don’t pass anything by as the manager may own other restaurants or do other events though or even do private parties.
    I would defiantly learn other stuff apart from cards. When you approach a table you will be expected to perform for the children. I have always found that people always assume that you are there for the kids. I use sponge balls for the kids. I also do chop cup, rubber bands and rope stuff.
    When you are thinking about you routines, you have to be careful you don’t need too much table space. If it doesn’t fit into a space of about 10 cm square you are probably taking up too much space. Also people have a nasty habit of snatching what is on the table before you have finished what you are doing. A great way to screw up a routine.
    If you are starting out you might have to work for free or just cover costs at first. You might want to try a local restraint and do just family tables (avoiding couples). To be honest when you are negotiating costs as you get more experienced, be very aware what it cost you to perform. Make sure you get this money and something on top. If you don’t then leave politely.
  10. Check in with Steve Simmons. He is very helpful and has first hand knowledge on this subject. PM him and I'm sure he'll be happy to give you some good advise and answer most questions you have.


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