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  1. Hey guys. Im just starting out in coinm agic and this weekend im gonna go to some coin shops and stuff to look for some half dollars. This is a really ameteur question but how many coins do you need for a 3 fly routine. Do you need any shells? I am planning on buying metal by eric jones. I understand that people do not want to reveal how three fly is done but i think its pretty obvious that there is extra coins so i just want to know how many i need. I dont wanna buy four go home and realize that i need five or six plus a shell or some other gimmick
  2. All you need is 4 half dollar or dollar coins, thats it.
  3. I would recommend getting morgan dollar coins or
    walking libertys, it will make the trick ALOT eaiser.
  4. 4; I can do it fine with Kennedy Half Coins, and I highly highly highly recommend Metal by Eric Jones.. I just watched it again recently and it really does take you from amateur to beginner expert.. you learn all the popular sleights and techniques, and some master pro flourishes that up your game, as well as I think 4 routines and 1 of them uses a quarter and penny and the other a pocket full of change, so you can do those when you go out to eat and stuff like because you can borrow common coins instead of half dollars... A lot of material and a great teacher.
  5. Walking liberties are half dollars and wayyyyyy too expensive. Regular half dollars are the same size and dimensions and can be gotten for fifty cents each
  6. While I agree that walking liberties are expensive, I believe they are worth the buy (for someone who has been in coin magic a while though). They feel great, and talk less than a kennedy. Also if you can find somewhere to get half dollars for 50 cents each, please let me know. Magic sites mark them up like crazy and banks rarely carry them anymore (I think I've gotten about 2 from a total of many, many banks).

    ALSO it is possible to do variations of 3 FLY with only 3 coins, though they are a bit more sleight heavy than those with 4 coins
  7. its a bit of work but flea markets, and street type faires usually have people selling coins. Also if applicable ask your parents or grandparents if they have any in drawers. I was lucky enough to get 2 from 64' and 2 others. I then bought digital dissolve and got another.

    I agree the walking liberties are pretty awesome to look at, but I'd be a bit reluctant using them to get back into the groove. They're not cheap by any means and losing, dropping, damaging them would SUCK. Id suggest hitting up ebay or amazon, they're about $10 for 2 jfk's (not 64') or if you dont want to do all the leg work grabbing a few artifact coins from ellusionist. They're not amazing, but id rather lose one of those than a 64' JFK or walking liberty.

    Also metal by Eric Jones is AMAZING.
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    You can get walking liberties in dollar size as well as half dollar. i have been using dollar size
    for about 10yr. yes they are a little more in price, when i got mine i paid $60 for four, and keep in mind
    if you do decide to get walking liberties or even morgans there are alot of used coins for less.
    for me they are alot easier to handle then a half dollar and they do cut down on the talking.
  9. The price of silver has caused the price to go up. When you go to the coin shop ask for the junk silver walking should beva today's rate 12-15 for ones minted in the 40s morgans I just pick up some soft face for 24-27 about 10 of them years 1890's if you live in LA I know a shop to go to
  10. Thanks guys. So what im gathering is that i need four coins to do a three fly routine. And for all of you wondering you can get kennedies either from the bank OR sells them for 85 cents each. I was lucky enough that my close friend had some that she let me have. I cant wait until i have enough ,oney to buy ,etal by eric jones
  11. chris kenner who created the chest level three fly recommand to use morgan dollar size, you can find is routine in his book "totally out of control"

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