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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by RDChopper, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. Hey! It's been a while since I have contributed with something here, so I have been thinking on getting a camera borrowed and shooting a video explaining the following:

    *"pushing two cards" get ready

    *the pinky count

    * A move that everyone knows that I adapted to be a DL, (and has the bonus of being a cool and somewhat normal way of showing one card)

    * A simple move (that Im sure everyone has figured out already) to ditch a card from a DL in case you get called on it.

    * and some tips when performing and when to use these moves.

    Im asking beforehand because im not really sure if it's exposure (I saw a thread recently about the Push off DL exposure) and I would like to know for sure before making the video.

    have a good night everybody.
  2. Would love to see some of these, sounds like good stuff I really could use:)
  3. From what I've seen RD you put your stuff on vimeo and password it right? I don't see why sharing your thoughts and limiting it to those interested through a password would be such a bad thing. Just my opinion.
  4. Just as long as you put the password in your video. I am looking forward to see your thoughts!
  5. sounds alright. i would check it out
  6. I would love to see that man. We haven't seen anything from you in a while. Just make sure you put a password on it like the rest of your videos.
  7. (Edited for being tooo sooon)
  8. All right :). I'll get the camera then, thanks for your help.
  9. cant wait Rd, are you going to post the video of you performing again
  10. Jeez, I really don't know, my internet sucks right now and i'm working to get it better, so Im actually going to have some problems uploading videos. :cool:
  11. RDChooper I guess you don't have a social life anymore since you making new videos. Well can't wait for your video, but make sure you put a password....... Don't you just love vimeo.

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