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  1. I'm thinking about quiting cardistry.
    I go over The Trilogy flourishes over and over so many times, but can't nail them.
    It's just too hard for me.

    I applaud everyone who can do it.
    I guess some people were not meant to flourish.
  2. Just because you can't nail the Trilogy flourishes doesn't mean you should quit. A lot of them are really advanced flourishes! You shouldn't quit just because you can't do something. You should quit because you don't like it if anything. If you enjoy flourishing you should keep working at it. You don't have to be good at certain flourishes to be good. I'm not super great at performing Tectonic Verb, but I moved on to other flourishes that I thought were even better and became great at doing them. In my opinion in flourishing, you can't have every flourish under your belt. You have to pick and choose. Really work at the ones you like.

    So what I'm saying is, don't quit. Unless you really don't enjoy picking up cards. Then by all means, find a more suitable hobby.
  3. Not everyone can do flourishes. Only the truly devoted. It's okay to quit.
  4. then don't do them create your own flourishes
  5. Well put Moonlight. I am not much of a flourisher, but I've been practicing Daniel Madison's Twisted Rain for 2 and a half weeks, and I'm just learning to execute the flourish at a decent speed. As for smoothness, well, let's not go there. That's 2 and a half weeks spent on ONE flourish.

    Everyones learning style, and the rate at which they learn is different. Some people are able to pick things up quickly, while others may need more explanation, etc.
  6. I don't Think you should quit Danny. Stuff on the Trilogy is not the simplest stuff out there. Just Keep practicing you can only get better if you do that.
  7. Hey I can't do a lot of things perfectly yet...for example, the clipshift, but i practice and practice everyday and I don't plan on giving up. Same goes with flourishing. I have the trilogy too and I've just taken the flourishes step by step.

    Here's my advice on getting better at trilogy flourishes. Just watch ONE of the flourishes, maybe one of the more simpler ones like molecule 4 or something. Watch the explanation, if you don't understand something, watch it again. Once you got the basic moves, practice it for a couple minutes to memorize the moves. You should dedicate a whole day to this one flourish. Just practice it whenever you can. The next day, you move on to another flourish and get the moves down. Dedicate that day for that flourish but also the flourish you started with (in this case the molecule 4). So practice both flourishes on that day. IDK if this will work for you, but it helped me a lot; but it takes a lot of determination and dedication.
  8. Hey DannyT, I can't to any of the flourishes on the trilogy because they are too wierd and the teaching is hard for me to learn from. Don't quit because you can't get it down yet. Some moves take ALOT of time to pull off. I can usually pick up any move in a hour or so....(I learned all cobras in one sitting) but some moves I just can't do yet.
    How much material do you own? If you don't own anything from Jerry or De'vo than PLEASE give it another chance...lol
  9. Quitters never get anywhere in life.
  10. Dude, I totally agree with you ... some people like me are not gifted for flourishing, took me a month to get down eko and not even smooth ....... just keep trying.
  11. Exactly right. If you love it, stick with it. If you don't, find something that you do love.
  12. I suck at swimming but I still go to the pool everyday even if somebody makes fun of me. (well, not really):D
  13. Any one person can do anything they choose to. It takes determination, time, energy, passion...the list goes on. Some of us can pick things up quicker than some, that's life. Don't get frustrated, keep pressing forward and the accomplishments will starting moving towards your favor.
  14. Don't give up my friend...
    If you like it -then continue, if you completely hate it -quit.
    My friend... I suggest posting videos of you asking for feedback, and what you can improve on. Try asking the community what you need to nail these flourishes.
    •In Toy Story, do you think Woody gave up on Andy even though he didn't seem appreciated?! NO!
    •In Mulan, do you think Mulan, Li Shang, and Mushu gave up even thuogh the Huns outnumbered them by a bunch?! NO!
    •In Beauty and the Beast (I didn't pay attention to it but..), Did the chick give up on the beast even though he was being a complete butthole?! NO!

    Don't give up man =)


    Disney rules!
  15. Wish we could rep on this forum. Well, invisi-rep'd!

  16. work on other easier flourishes and work up to the trilogy flourishes dont quit because you cant do some really hard flourishes such as the trilogy ones
    hope i helped
  17. get the basic syibl down and make your own variation, what comes naturally works best
  18. YOu think it's hard???!!! That's quite a rarity............ not. Everyone thinks it's hard at first. Quitting because something is difficult, and assuming you cannot overcome it without a good amount of effort is ridiculous.

  19. sometimes people quit cause they just dont like it that much. he can quit if he wants if he knows he's really not good.
  20. I think its ok if you quit because becoming a great flourisher. in MOST cases, not all, requires that you do pretty much all flourishing. there are exceptions like the bucks, but how many dan and daves are there out there

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