Quizno's Sandwich

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by VagueTheory, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. Was it a coincidence that your 2 "assistants" were threes ? (Just Wondering)

    BTW great performance, really well done
  2. Haha. Yes, it was.

    And thank you!
  3. I really do like the way you control the Jack of Hearts, it is a manner of doing it i've never thought of before.

    This is a very clean, visual and brilliant sandwich ! =D

    Keep up the good work man !
  4. I liked the control, but I do think the simple shake'n'wave is a little overused in these routines.

    If you used a slower, more methodical perhaps, way of revealing the selection - it would fit the flow of the effect much better.

    The control is slow, no extra cards used, nothing more nothing less. But then the inserting of the card and shaking seems uncontrolled, it seems hasty - almost provisional.

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    Are you ****** from the ***** of the ****???!!!:eek:
  6. I liked it. Very cool. Still can't figure out the control. Nice job.

  7. Why do you guys see a control.... I do not see a control I see something else... correct me if I am wrong..
  8. The exact word is not "control" but he uses a sleight that allow him to control the card.

    Saying control allows us to avoid exposure on his trick. :D
  9. I wasn't sure quite what else to call it...like Crazyman said, it's just a universal word.

    I could have said: "I liked the thing where you tricked us..."

    But I guess that's not the way I float :p

  10. Thanks guys!

    I've been thinking about what you said GusEds. You're right. I'm going to try to find alternatives to reveal the sandwiched card from now on.
  11. Yeah , it's not a control, it is something else, your right. He hides it really well though, maybe that's why they got fooled
  12. Haha, thanks man!
  13. Its really good man.
  14. I'm glad you like it bro!
  15. Yeah I liked the trick aswell and figured it out on the first watch. After couple of minutes i generated a version of mine that uses the handling of quiznos. Haven't figured out how to end the trick 'coz i didn't really like the shake effect in the ending.. this should have a bigger thing in the end since the rest of the trick is really simply presented.
  16. thoughts on quizno's

    I'm new to this forum, but I did like your handling of this. My recommendation would be to change the way you "pick" your sandwich cards... it makes it look like you have a marked deck, and if a spectator feels that... then they are going to think you are "cheating". They won't likely catch the slight, but they are "looking". You don't want people thinking you are good with cards, you want them thinking wow, how did that just happen.

    You could start with your sandwich cards on the top of the deck... unrevealed. Then when your "move" is done, use the double to flip over the third card, and then turn the double over, sandwiching the selection, lift off and then do your reveal. The human eye follows large movements, so you could slow things down (which goes with your handling... very slow and "fair" to the spectator), but exaggerate with a larger arm movement.

    Just my thoughts! Keep up the great work.

    ... Line
  17. Never thought of it like that before. Thanks for the tip man. I'll definitely look into it.
  18. absolutely loved it...i have started performing a modified version of this effect. everything in the trick seemed very well thought out and i loved the control! great job!

  19. I'm glad you like it man!


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