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  1. this will be my review on the USPCC Rambler No.23 Gilt edge playing cards.

    BOX: the box looks old and reminds me of alladin decks. yellow and retains its original design. 4/5

    STOCK: out of the box the deck obviously has gold edges. they do not fan or ribbon spread, and they are very heavy.

    BACK DESIGN: kinda plain and boring.. nothing special. reminds me of TH9 fan backs for some reason.

    FINISH: well i have no idea what aluminum slip and feel is. out of they box they are just horrible! PS they also claim these decks to have a waterproof finish.. not true! they still get soaked.
    on the bright side, the finish on these decks makes them more resistant to dirt, hence much cleaner looking deck for longer time.

    MAGIC: dont use these decks for magic. these are terrible at DL's they leave large gaps on DL's.

    FLOURISH: they are "OK" for cuts... but fanning is another issue.

    PRICE: 8bucks is kinda expensive.. probably not worth it. but i recomend cardists to give it a try.

    well these are my review on a BRAND NEW decks.
    the thing with these decks that i like is that they get better as time passes by.
    the gilt edges will soon wear out, and for some strange reason. they will fan!
    they will cut good!
    hope this helps.
  2. Thanks for the review - I've got an unopened pair of blue and red. Sounds like I'll leave 'em that way. :D
  3. a friend gave me a pack and they are "fun" to look at, but your review it accurate. If I can ask... where did you find them? I haven't found them anywhere but EBAY.
  4. yeah... it is very hard to find them in US. but they sell these outside.. on hongkong they sell these things at 711 stores! hahaha crazy!

    as for these decks.. they do get better in time!
    i must admit, i am very impressed by the feel they have tight now! i can do carnahan fan so smoothly with these decks and they are very great when displayed!(specially the gold edges when fanned)

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