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  1. I know I was dressed weird when I did the leaf trick.... it was 104 degrees and I couldn't find my shoes. The angle on the camera was bad and I couldn't find a place to set it down for all of the tricks. Performing to a camera is not the same as performing live to real people so please don't judge my magic from this video. This is not how I usually perform. I know that I should be more confident about my performance. I strongly encourage you to leave me advice on my magic and correcting the angles of the camera.

    Thank You.

  2. Hi,

    I like tricks you selected,they were visual and nice, the kind I like to see on video. But I think it would be a bit more entertaining if you put some music in the background. Now, in the first clip (Vanishing key 1) You didn't really show the key clearly in the beginning.Also try to reduce sudden jerks when transferring the key from hand to hand, it makes it look odd. You also flashed a little during the appearing aces. And the tenkai palm, please don't have things like ' I know it kind of sucks' in the title. If it sucks, why did you put it in?
  3. thank you. vaniahing key 1 and 2 were to show what it was like before i did the final copy. kind of confusing, sorry!

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