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  1. So, I have not done a lot of creating in my time as a magician, but it is something i want to get into. So here was my thought, If we have three or four people in this battle, each person names one random object, and everyone has to create an effect using at least all of the objects, plus whatever else you feel you need to.

    anyone interested?

    My object will be a balloon.
  2. im in. i pick a ring.
  3. shall we wait for one more? or go for it?
  4. I'll do a pen. When do you want it done by?
  5. Ok a pen, a balloon, and a ring. how long do you guys think you will need? I was thinking have it done by the 26th. Too much time? too little time?
  6. Idk seems like a lot of time. I was thinking by the 17th? Is that way too little?
  7. sounds like a plan.
  8. Well, i have a bunch of mid-terms this week, as well as projects...but next week is spring break for me...do you want to comprmise and go with the 22nd?
  9. I say the 22nd sounds best.
  10. sounds like a gooden :)
  11. This'll be fun to watch
  12. But would it be hard to judge since it's 3 different objects? Maybe not, but I think it would be because each object is unique in it's own way.

    - The Doctor
  13. Even though its not due yet, mines already up on youtubee. Should i post a link or wait?
  14. lookin good. I'll put mine up today or tomorrow. Who judges?
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  16. ohh i see. you did a trick where you combine all the objects into one trick. I really like what you did.
  17. Ya i hope thats ok. But thank you :)
  18. I thought the idea was the use everything in one trick...

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