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  1. Wynn cards have been all the rage lately and frankly i'm quite dissapointed that i'm not gonna be able to get my hands on any of those. I mean, they sell out in less than 5 minutes, what are the odds of getting some of those? you'd have to be really lucky.

    So Wynn cards and nuggets are rare because of the "feel and limited number". What i'm curious about is why can't T11 or any other group make a deck that's as good as these? I mean, the material that these cards were made of aren't really unobtainable are they? They're paper! If the Guardians felt like Jerry's, wouldn't that be good? So why not? That's what i can't understand. If they made cards as good as Jerry's and Wynns, then we wouldn't be struggling to get those "rare" decks. We could just buy them and not worry about it running out. Maybe I'm wrong and maybe there is a valid reason behind all these and that's what i want to know; because all this hype over rare cards is really starting to mess with me. I'm always troubled by the fact that I have to choose between buying cards or tricks. So can anyone tell me why they can't make 'em?
  2. If you're looking for rare cards, then look towards the newest professional cards. In other words, if you buy a deck of professional cards like the Guardians right when it comes out, chances are, they'll make a second edition. First edition cards are usually rare.

    My advice for getting the Wynns is to have all your payment items with you at time of reset (midnight EST). So that's credit cards, information, etc. That way you can have the best chance of getting the cards.

    Should you get the Wynns? Look at it this way. They're rare, and they only cost $4.95. This may be the best chance you get!

    - sky_lark
  3. The reason they can't make cards in Jerrys stock and with their feel is because the printing press used to make the Jerrys is no longer in existence. A completely different technique was used back then, so the quality of the Jerrys can no longer be reproduced.

  4. It's not THAT hard to get some Wynns man. All you have to do is wait by your computer at like 11:55 (or whatever your time zone is) and keep hitting refresh when it gets closer to 12:00. It takes like 1 minute to checkout the decks if you're fast. So yeah. Give it a try man. I was a bit skeptical too but I tried and it really wasn't that hard. Good Luck!
  5. a jerrys deck will NEVER be recreated, they used vintage casino stock , same with golden nuggets, those machines arent around anymore... but uspcc can try their best to replicate it
  6. Most people spend a whole bunch of money on rare decks because they can't bbe made anymore, a lot of it is just useless hype though. While they may handle better, I'm sure even Dan and Dave would never spend the $150-$200 per Deck on Jerries, and only use them because they get them cheap. If you are buying rare decks to use (rather than collect), it is pretty useless, as they just wear out, you're better off buying a truckload of Bicycles. I bought a brick of the recently released Wynns because they were no more expensive than any other custom deck, and I like the style. Had nothing to do wit their rarity. Buy cards based on your budget and what you like, care less about "amazing feel" and "super duper rare" decks, because while there may be a difference, it is rarely worth the money.
  7. If I were you, i'd get atleast two wynns.

    I bought two incase they get extremely rare, then i have a sealed deck to keep.

    The other one is for personal use.
  8. Yeah, i'd probably go for the Bikes since i want to actually use the cards..

    I just hope they get to recreate the Nuggets and Wynns. Some say they used different machines back then, but we're in the 20th century; shouldn't today's cards be better than the older ones? i mean, how hard can it be? Maybe it is hard, but can you guys give it a try? we'd really appreciate that. and it would be better if this post reaches the T11 crew or the USPCC, just to give them a heads up.
  9. This is the 21st century. Also T11 Crew and USPCC can't recreate it and probably wont even care.
  10. It actually is possible to recreate Jerry's. But it will cost TONS of money for it and I don't think the USPCC will invest in that much just for us.
  11. I predict that in the future, some small remote casino will make some cards with a vibrant colour of red or blue back with a simple design, then stop making them, then someone will find them and sell them.

    Why can't Theory11 find rare cards that aren't rare? But still handle good like a J nug?

    Why in the hell did I just say J nug.
  12. Because there are no cards that are NOT rare that has a similar feeling to JN's.
    If there were, we would've already found it and probably buy all of it.

    Also not all cards should be like JN's. A lot of people who own JN's do not think they are best card they have handled.
  13. they are ALSO rare because it has been hyped up. who knows, there could be any rare deck out there, no one knows about, just wait for it to get hyped up. imo tally ho's are great enough cards, seriously.
  14. LOL hallarious^^ (no im not being sarcastic) that is FUNNY! im not sure if you really meant it to be, but... bravo mate!

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