Rare Decks?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bice, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. I like playing cards and like like disussions about playing card products.

    What I do not like is the misuse of this forum for promoting your autions on Ebay.

    It´s sad.

  2. I don't think that he's advertising . . . he's just saying that he likes a certain brand of rare deck, and they just so happened to be sold on Ebay. It's just like Jerry's . . . people are posting links to those a lot.
  3. I like Jerry's Nuggets for a rare deck (just got one by LEE ASHER the other day too!!) (Lee rocks)
  4. I like ''Golden Nuggets'' they feel great when you break them in and they look great. There not that expensive on ebay either:)
  5. i like red bikes.
    Wait those arent rare?
    : p
  6. I have a deck thats kinda old and dont feel to great...
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    I have heard of this very rare deck called Byclycle or Bicycle playing cards. Something like that. Luckily for some reason it seems like my local pharmacy carries them! I am so lucky!

    No just kidding, but on a more serious note probably Golden Nugget Playing Cards are my favorite (I have 2 of them).

    EDIT: Ha ha I realized someone said the exact same thing as me...oh well.
  8. stoneface: you may have gotten a pack with the corners cut/. he's talking about freshly sealed.
  9. The only "rare" deck I own is a pack of Centurions. Other than that I just use Guardians.

  10. I'm assuming you mean White Centurions?
  11. Most decks people list arent really "rare", like jerrys for example, great decks, but there are SOOOO many out there, they arent rare, just expensive. as some other decks as well, But I don't want to have to school somebody on knowledge. hehe.

    As for 'rare'. I'd say Silver slippers and arrco tahoes, not too hard to obtain, yet feel amazing.
  12. Yeah, my bad :).

    Too much manly high altitude climbing.

  13. I don't how "rare" it actually is, but my brother gave me a deck of Bicycle "tactical" cards. Green box, darker red pips. Haven't ever seen any like it. (probably because he got them on base in the Marines, and I not in the military..:D ) Cool nonetheless...

    I also still have a 1st edition Ghost Deck in the silver metal case thing. Never had a reason to open it when I got it, so it's still sealed in there...

    Speaking of "rare" decks, are there any plan to re-release the "white centurions"? Those look wicked cool, but were already sold out when I discovered 'em...
  14. big hoo ha over the white cents. you DONT wanna know.
  15. Hmm...do you really like Jerry's? or do you like the box? Cause from what I remember, you didn't want to open the box.
  16. Does anyone happen to have opened Jerry's here for sale? PM me guys. I don't wanna bid on eBay so i'm expecting a lower price.. Thanks..
  17. ve got a few jerrys, want ing to trade off, or sell em... PMed you.

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