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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Crisco, Nov 27, 2008.

  1. Has anyone here been watching the rare magic videos Lee Asher has been showing daily on his website?

    Here's a letter I received from Lee Asher when he first stared this.

    So far, I've only missed a few. They are really amazing! I'm learning so much.

    Thanks Lee Asher. You rock! :)
  2. These are so great watching all the famous magicians peform i have watched them from the start i recommend you watch them
  3. those are pretty awesome.
  4. I have, but most of them dont work on my computer. Ive seen a few and I agree, they are great, inspiring, and very helpful and definitely are helping my magic; at least those I have seen.
  5. Glad you guys are enjoying. So far, we've seen videos from masters like:

    -Richard Himber
    -Orson Welles
    -Abbott and Costello
    -Dean Dill
    -David Roth
    -Bruce Cervon
    -Jay Ose
    -Jerry Andrus
    -Mandrake the Magician
    -Mac King
    -Peter Warlock
    -Geoffrey Buckingham
    -Channing Pollock

    ...and many many more.

    If you've never heard of these guys, then my plan is working!

    These clips should help you become a better magician and truly inspire you. But most importantly, they should educate you about magic's rich past.

    There's nothing else like this in the magic world - especially for free.

    Take advantage now.

    (cut and paste if not clickable)

    Your magic education continues today.

    See you over there...

  6. I loe watching these videos I learn something new everytime:)
    Thank You Mr. Asher

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