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    Title: Rattled

    Creator: Dan Hauss

    Price: $35.00

    Where Can I Buy It? Trick Shop Magic


    What's in the Package? In the slightly-thicker-than-normal dvd case, you will find a 55 minute dvd, two cap gimmicks, a replacement part, a tool that may help with reset, and two special coins. This is quite a good value for $35, considering all the things you get with it, plus the great dvd quality.

    Gimmick Quality: The caps are made of a thick plastic, very much like you would typically see on an Aquafina-style bottle. They are a little bit bigger than most caps, however, I don't think that difference will be noticed. There are many different shapes and sizes of bottles and caps being produced currently, so I doubt if a spectator would call you out on it. The gimmick is simple, built to last, and very easy to clean.

    Teaching Quality: The teaching is all very clear, but I thought it was laid out a little strangely: the beginning of the dvd starts with a quick overview of the effect as a whole before Dan had taught anything. Of course, after this Dan went into full explanations of Rattled's workings. Perhaps they meant this to be an easy to access section that would be able to refer to later as a refresher. If so, then it is a good idea, but it confused me by having it placed right at the beginning of the dvd. Other than that, the teaching is great, with multi-camera shots.

    Difficulty: Rattled is very simple to do, since the gimmick does most of the work. Of course some of the routines will require more skill than others (Rattled Coin in Bottle), but overall they are all within the reach of a beginner.

    Angles and Reset: Most of the routines on the dvd are taught with you and the spectator sitting on opposite sides of a table, however, with a little adjustment in handling, the routines can be done surrounded, standing, etc. The reset takes about 10 seconds, and can be done out in the open.


    Basic Routine: A coin vanishes form under a cap without you going near it. By itself this is a nice mystery, but the other effects are more developed routines. As a seemingly impromptu effect, this could be quite strong because of it's simplicity.

    Rattled Shell Game: (Effect in the demo) Using two caps as the shells and a coin as the pea, a game of the two-shell monte is played. After two simple rounds, the empty cap is placed on one spectator's hand, and the cap with the coin is placed under another spectator's hand. Instantly the coin teleports to the other cap, which the person has been holding! I really like this effect because the premise justifies why you have two bottle caps, and plus the effect happens in not only in one spectator's hands but two!

    2 Cap Quickie: The shortened version of the above routine. I think this handling isn't as justified and the first part of it may look a bit fishy. I'd take the little bit of extra time to do the Rattled Shell Game.

    Rattled Through Table: Coin penetrates a table audibly. This is pretty simple and nice, but no one can be behind you, and you have to be sitting (unless you improve the handling yourself). Basically, if you like the description, you'll like the effect. It makes for a very clean coin through table sequence.

    321: Three different coins are held by a spectator, while the empty cap is held by another spectator. She mentally selects one coin, which then disappears from her hand and reappears under the empty cap. This is an interesting use of Rattled, but I don't think it really justifies the cap well. Also the first move in the routine is quite fishy. I wouldn't use this.

    Rattled Coin in Bottle (Frances Menotti): This is a four-phase routine where:
    1. A coin penetrates a bottle through the cap.
    2. It goes through the table and into the bottle.
    3. The bottle itself vanishes.
    4. Then the coin penetrates into the bottle once more.
    This is a more formal approach to Rattled that has a nice structured feel to it, but unfortunately you do need to be sitting at a table opposite your spectators; therefore this would be a good "after-dinner" routine. I like the routine a lot, but probably most of the time I will stick to using the shorter, simpler effects, just for convenience.

    Ringer: A borrowed ring, recently placed under the cap, appears visually back on your finger. The effect sounds nice, but the move Dan teaches you to "fake-take" the ring is fairly awkward. There are better ring moves that have been published which accomplish the same thing in a cleaner way. I wouldn't use this as originally taught.

    Overall Opinion

    This is one of those products where you immediately start playing around with new ideas to use the gimmick. It should be a starting place for you to come up with your own ways to incorporate Rattled into your routines; don't limit yourself to the effects taught on the dvd. Its versatility is one of the reasons why I love Rattled so much.

    Also, it is always preached that magic is so much stronger when it happens in the hands of a spectator; Rattled takes that principle to the extreme by having the spectator do everything! You can be absolutely nowhere near the cap and still make that coin, which they have seen, heard, and felt, disappear! This is strong magic, folks. The caps look totally normal, and you appear to do nothing, yet magic just happens. This WILL find its way into your working repertoire, because it's just so gosh-darn practical and powerful! 94%

    The Trick Shop Personal Advice Section!​

    Opener, Closer, Middler? Because Rattled is more of a utility device than a specific routine, it could be used as any of these! Sometimes the basic coin vanish may play strongest just on it's own in an impromptu environment, whereas at other times it would work the best if it was worked into a longer routine.

    Evan's Tips (after you've bought Rattled):
    • Make sure to keep the cap on the table when you rattle it, unlike how Dan sometimes slightly lifts it up on the dvd.
    • Never narrate your actions with repetitive words like, "Now I'll put the coin under the cap, okay, so it goes under there, and you can hear it under the cap, okay?" You may feel guilty or scared when you first put the coin under the cap, but just believe the lie that you are telling you're audience; don't place too much importance on that action.
    • In order to make sure the coin completely vanishes, press down with your fingers fairly firmly as you gently pinch the skin on the back of their hand upward (pretending to remove the coin through their flesh).

    Personal Recommendations: If you like Rattled then you may want to also check out Abyss: The Revolutionary Coin Through Bottle and Flow by Dan Hauss. Both of these may easily be routined together with Rattled.

    Questions? As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to write them in the comments (above this post)!

    Once again, if you would like to buy Rattled, check it out here!
  2. Will this still work with the new bottle today. (white) IE aquafina etc? Thanks

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