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    I want to purchase the Raven, but I'm not sure about two things. I own the gecko and I hate it (tension & sound issues). Will the Raven be different, because the concept seems quite similiar?
    Is this perception correct?
    Classic: silent, weak
    Reel: noisy, loud
    Which (Classic or Reel) Raven do you prefer, what are the advantages of both which you favour?

    EDIT (I planned on using it on effects like FAN2C where I usually would "touch" the miracle items.)

    Thanks in advance
  2. The Raven is my only regret in my magic purchases. It just isn't that workable in a real environment. I have the classic. It's tough to get in to and for me I always got a "click" and then a "rustle" sound whenever I use it. I would avoid it and get book or a good DVD.
  3. Made me smile!

    What about the effects like the one I edited into my question? Wouldn't a 'gimmick' greatly enhance such illusions? Holding out always works, but is sort of scary especially standing up, where can't just dispose of unexplicable items anywhere. That's why I'd be more confident if lots of effects, which didn't end clean, ended clean. (If I show my hands immedeatly spectators can not possibly think about backtracking...)
  4. I hope somebody else posts too but for me when performing casually and in doing walk arround it is tough for me to get it set up without leaving the room. I'm sure there are those who use the Raven on a regular basis. It just takes a bit of prep immediatly prior to performing and it is noisier than I hoped. Because of the prep time I could never get it to work for a routine. I don't really like that, that's just my preference though.

    As a side note I don't own Fan 2c and I'm not savvy to the method. If it can be performed with the raven maybe I need to check it out.
  5. With the right presentation and misdirection, you'll be able to have a vanish just as strong and will find a way to ditch the items to show your hands empty at the end.

    Personally, I prefer to achieve such effects using sleight-of-hand and skill rather than relying on some form of gimmick to do all the work, but again, it's up to your preference.
  6. not workable? that's called lazy. The raven works well. In my opinion. if it's set properly, it works wonder. Does there have to be some work put into the routine? yes. You're going to have to probably switch a coin. But it's worth the effect.
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    I like impromptu sleight of hand. I prefer practice to gimmicks. Don't get me wrong the gimmick works, and it's pretty cool, kinda James Bond like. Looking back though I wish that I would have got something else with my money. I would have been a lot more ahead of the game if I had bought Bobo's Coin magic, Royal Road, Expert Card magic, or Thirteen Steps to Mentalism.

    I'm not the only one who hasn't found it to be workable in real situations. Remember the thread on what you have in the bottom of your magic drawer? The Raven popped up a few times many of the sentiments expressed echoed my own feelings.


    It's just my personal opinion though, if others could get it to work good. I don't use it although I have tried.
  8. If you're so keen on using a gimmick, but have problems because of the unperfect design, modify it! Just ask yourself how should the gimmick look like, so it could be set up and then performed 10 minutes afterwards and not only 10 seconds afterwards.
  9. My Raven was also definitely one of my most regrettable purchases as well. I hated getting ready and it did not work well for strolling or table hopping events that I perform at. I sold it within a month.

    I'm sure other people will argue and say it is outstanding but for me, it just wasn't something I could utilize for what I was performing.
  10. I have never worked the Raven, but I did work the Bat which is the same thing without the reel or pull for the linking ring routine included in the pack and it killed. I think if you have the correct set up, it could work for you, it just depends what you want to do with it really.

  11. Heres what I did. I saw videos of the raven, did some research...basically found out (many years ago when i was new) how it worked.

    So I went to staples, baught one of those small pullies. McGuivered a small magnet in the flap, and tied some fishing line around the pully and into a small loop for my finger nail

    In total this costed me around 3$ ...since every review i saw for the raven was horrific

    But the only problem, just like many of you are describing here, was the sound issue.

    To get aroundf this...maybe im a bit older than some of the members here, but I would only perform this in loud places. Such as bars, clubs, concerts etc

    Places where the surrounding sound muffles out anything of the raven

    ps- I dont think this is revealing anything because even on websites selling the raven, they explain to you what it is.
    I can upload photos of my homemade one if needed...and if i can find it lol
  12. if i were you i would not get it it isnt that graet too noisy for me
    speaking of ravens i went to a magic shop the other day and they were selling a raven for $60 what a rip off!
    i hate wannabe magicians i asked the owner what a herman pass is he said i dont know
    then i asked what is a retention he just loooked at me puzzled
  13. It is interesting to read all these comments. I never had to many issues with the sound. The felt on the gimmick muffled the sound enough for all but the most quiet settings, and I was using the classic pull style, not the reel style. What I do agree with was getting into it. I tried and tried and tried to find a good way of reliably getting that fishing line hooked on my finger easily, quickly, and subtly. Never could find a satisfactory solution. So it became a device that would work if you walked into the performance already set up. Not very useful for me. If someone could solve that issue the device has a ton of potential, until then.....bottom drawer.

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